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This is a short blog entry to say, 'Hello!' I've gotten so many questions about why the side-project or I thought Skitzo Calypso was your project. First and foremost, Skitzo Calypso is doing just fine and it's a band; it's been a band for a very long time now! In fairness, Skitzo Calypso did start as a solo project, but, over time, it's become a band; it functions like a band, we write like a band and [above all else] it smells like a band. The music we generate [as Skitzo Calypso] is a unique and quirky blend of our [sometimes] over-indulgent, provactive, creative and [often times] misdirected energies - sustained by our will(s). This project is something I've wanted to do - outside of the band! Some of you may remember Niki Thunders & The Temperamentals, which later became 1/3 of the new Skitzo Calypso record. Who knows what will happen, but right now, I'm focusing on this project, while the band [Skitzo Calypso prepares for a few surprises]. But, as for 'we love the underground,' [hmmm!] I know there's a mission statement lying around here, somewhere! (See previous blog) I've been getting together with Gary Holmes of Skitzo Calypso on a pretty regular basis and shoving all kinds of ideas down his throat! The first song I'll share, post-mastering, is a tune called "The Comedown (We Are Not Saints)." It's dark, upbeat and well, you'll have to just wait and see! We are heading to the studio to start laying tracks on Saturday; stay tuned!! - Brad Read more: http://www.myspace.com/welovetheunderground/blog?page=3#ixzz14kWajao2