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Partial Bio

hi I'm Mauriuz R Nelson. I was born into a house full of singers and musicians. My Grandfathers on both sides and my Grandmother on my Dad's side, My Mother and Father were in groups in the day but they had to support me and my sisters. I sharpend my steel with mmy Father and my uncle in the basement of the house just jamming. They would let me actively play either at a lead or rythme capacity and experiment until mmy love took shape.

I was in a couple of bands as a kid, a rock band and an R&B Band with my cousin Shaun from Brass Bullets Band fame, that was supposed to tour japan but didn't make it due to artistic differences. Plus at the time I still hadn't gotten used to playing guitar and singing. I really didn't want to sing either cause I didn't like my voice, I didn't think I sounded hard enough for the Hip Hop influenced market. however you can find some of my licks on works from DSPDEEZ Productions, I work with Dirty Soc, Reese G from 3Piece and a few other Chicago artists, you can check some of my friends on Myspace, or Blackplanet. Big ups to Dirty Soc, Germ, Path and AK Billionaire.

I currently work with two bands, FaceNTime and Funkshunal Groove, with Walter Downing on Bass, Aaron Lockhart on Keys, Cameron Dantly on Precussion and Oscar Darden on Sax.(http://www.myspace.com/funshunalgroove). It was with these guys, my brothers that I actually began to shape my style and define myself as a guitarist and not just some guy who can play guitar, if you know the difference.

After some time I started getting into me again, I started forgiving myself for mistakes in past and future tenses now I'm back and I'm in love with making music again.

I call myself and Urban Guitarist but I guess I'm really just an Artist because I like to paint and create 3D art and animation as well, I have a couple of books I'd like to complete and have published.

More than that I have a ton of songs I'd like to give to you guys, once I can get into a position where I have the time and means to make what I do better for those who enjoy it.

I love you all you guys.