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My theory of creativity as applied to busking.

I hear the music in my head, then I let it leak out on the sidewalk.

lites out!

Oy! All traffic lites were out on The Strip, a total nightmare, cops directing traffic, streets are blocked off, & everything's backed up. I decided 2 come home rather than make $5 for 5 hours of busting my @$$ & playing my li'l ♥ out!

strip stories

A young woman & her friends wanted to take a photo w/ me & my electric Oud last nite on The Strip. I was unaware as the photo was being taken that she was grinding the bottom of the Oud. After the shot, she collapsed, flat on her back, onto the delightfully hygienic Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, laughing hysterically, & required 3 people to help her up. I hope they remember to send me the pic 4 my "People I meet when I play on the street" album!

I see @ least 3 people a nite fall flat on their face, usually after midnite...

Later last night, I was playing hard edged blues riffs on the electric Oud. Lots of people were really digging it, probably the biggest response I've ever gotten to anything I've played, also the most accessible music I've ever played out there, so I just kept on riffing away. A young man wearing an irritated expression yelled at me, saying that this was an Arabic instrument and I was not playing it properly or respectfully. I told him I knew what it was and that I could and would play all different styles of music, whatever I wanted, on it. He then told me he would kick my ass, given the chance, for my alleged disrespect. To which, I responded, "Yeah, & what makes it even better is that I'm Jewish!" (well, culturally, but I didn't say that cuz I was going for "shock value") Then his friends had to haul him away, his heels scraping the sidewalk. Another friend made...

2 nites ago, I had an amazing experience. A couple of state police came up to me and asked how things were going & if everyone was treating me alright. I said yes, for the most part & nothing had happened that was really worth being concerned about, just the occasional errant kid trying to make trouble whom I would not gratify with a reaction. They asked how the money was, I said it was not as much as I'd like, but that I was grateful for whatever I got. Then they bade me farewell & continued their beat on the beaten path of The Strip & I just stood there, totally floored because I've never had a civil conversation with the police before, let alone a conversation started by a policeman inquiring about my personal welfare... I'm still floored by it, for that matter!

A kid was walking rite in front of me in a nice suit, very long hair, early 20's, tops. I'm thinking, here's a cool person, imprinting my Hippie past, no doubt. Out of nowhere he spits straight forward, this was a very windy nite, mind you. His expectoration exits his mouth, travels about a foot forward and returns from whence it came, baptizing his face , shirt & tie w/ boomeranging saliva. It would've been funny were it not so nauseating!

Spider Baby, The Musical

Spider Baby, The Musical premieres here in Las Vegas @ The Onyx Theatre, Friday, June 4, 2010 @ 7:30pm. Opening nite, I will be playing the part of The Messenger & I couldn't be more excited about this!!! For more info regarding the show; http://spiderbabythemusical.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108115359209899&ref=ts

Privus Legis

I have been having problems for a while w/ debilitating muscle pain & swollen joints. On May 7th I stopped taking a blood pressure medicine called Atenolol since a potential side effect is identical to the symptoms I was suffering. Since then I experienced no change in my symptoms, in fact they were getting worse instead. I was once misdiagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, & I began to believe that my worst fears were coming true, that I was developing arthritis & losing the ability to use my hands. The past few days my hands became so sore that I could barely pick up a pitcher of water, or turn a doorknob, I was terrified. I was still on one blood pressure related Rx, a diuretic called, triamterene hydrochlorothiazide. I did some research and found that this medicine also had the same potential side effects of pain and swelling. I decided to go off this medicine as well and see what happened, while maintaining a vigilant monitoring of my blood pressure to ensure I was within safe bounds. Yesterday was a terrible, terrible day, the pain in my hands was excruciating, and they were swollen to the degree that I could barely make a fist. I play a musical instrument every single day of my life, whether in private or in public, this has been a regimen of mine for decades. Yesterday I could not play. I've had a lot and I've lost a lot, over and over again in my life, but some situations are beyond my tolerance. Being an overly dramatic and emotional person, I made a pact with myself many years ago that if I became chronically debilitated, lacking my conceptualization of an acceptable quality of life, that I would promptly end mine. Extreme? Yes! However, it's my life and my privilege (etymologically "private law"). Well, anyway, I woke up this morning, after 24 hours without a dose of Triamterene HCTZ in my system, and the pain and swelling are almost entirely gone! So there's hope for me yet. Now, I'm gonna go play my banjo, or my mandolin, or my guitar, or my sitar, or my sarod, or fiddle, or theremin, or erhu, or oud, or something, because I can!

yer pal,


Fascist Folk @ nodepression.com?

Usually I'm not this pissy, but these folks just plain suck!

"From No Depression to Bobo Golem bobogo… Sent 48 minutes ago

Hi Bobo - Just wanted to let you know I deleted your recent blog post because it was pretty off-topic. Any blog you post here goes directly into the blog digest. And, because there are so many sites which are just generic social networking sites or for people to blog about various parts of their lives, and pretty much nowhere else to talk about this kind of music, we try to keep the blogs and forums on topic so people know they can always come here to learn about new music and ideas. Hope that makes sense.

And I hope your daughter has a fantastic birthday!! Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! Kim"

My response; wow, kinda Fascistic around here considering folk music has so much to do w/ free speech!

(2nd time a blog of mine was deleted, yet there are no rules or warnings posted about a member being forbidden to write about life... that's wtf a blog is?!. I have left these fools & their idiotic site, they serve no useful purpose for me!)

Earth Day

I have always enamored of nature & been fascinated by flora & fauna. I usta own a farm in Woodbine, MD, & living there was definitely the most pleasurable living experience of my life. I usta make my daughter laff by sprinkling birdseed on the brim of my hat & we'd watch as the Chickadees swarmed all over me, pecking & squawking... many happy memories & joyous experiences.

The very 1st Earth Day, I was in 5th grade & it was my 1st year @ a new school. I went to that school until 12th grade & I despised it & really didn't care for most (MOST, NOT ALL, most) of the other people there, teachers & students, as they were the most snobbish, obnoxious people I had ever met.

But I remember that 1st Earth Day cuz it made me happy, not that the Earth can't behave like an asshole too, earthquakes (We all know who makes those!), tsunamis, volcanoes rising like malevolent pimples & erupting their molten death puss that has destroyed countless civilizations... I could go on & on, but that would hardly be celebratory, would it?

That 1st Earth Day made me happy becuz it was a chance to celebrate something I cared about, unlike the genocidal Thanksgiving & those creepy Pilgrims w/ their friggin' buckles all over everything they wore. There are no buckles in nature... The Earth is home to us all, sure we all, well, most of us, have smaller homes in which we dwell, but if we all walked outside together as a single unit of humanity right there under the sky, we'd still be home, cuz very few of us can leave the Earth. You can't say the same thing about a Mall, or Starbucks, or the Apple Store (even if it is named after a fruit, it's not nature & it's not home).

I really think a central celebratory aspect of Earth Day hasn't yet been experienced in the 40 years of it's existence... a cumulative gesture of appreciation BY Humanity FOR the Earth. A simple, singular act as a singular biological entity... Let's all go stand outside sometime today & enjoy our collective home w/ each other...

OK, what time is good for you?


Vote 4 Me in the Battle of the Bands!!!

Battle of the Bands http://www.battleofthebands.com/bobogolem Plz vote 4 me & play my songs, would be a riot if I won this, Absurdly Funny!


I've been playing online w/ a slim body reso~lectric made by Jay Turser that I found in my instrument closet a couple weeks back. It's easier to play complicated solos compared to my beloved & incomparable Larry Progreba Resophonic which has a very high action being primarily a slide guitar w/ the option of fretting chords in the first position (folk style, by definition). Unfortunately traveling up the neck is quite a struggle on the wonderful LP, & it can't be easily reset cuz the neck is set on a dowel, which is traditional for resophonic guitars & banjos, I'm not gonna bother explaining beyond that, but if U know what that means U know it's a real chore to adjust the sction. I'm still using the "Blood" tuning & loving every minute of it. It's intriguing in it's simplicity & it presents me w/ a lot of options & sonic ambiguities. Come & listen sometime, I'm doing a lotta online concerts, but they are not for the faint of heart, the music is challenging in the weirdest possible sense of the word! o):o)

The Bobo Show sang Songs of Love

I guess I just prefer acoustic instruments over electric ones, when the option is available to me, the feel and the sound are much better, fuller, but good luck finding an acoustic theremin, oh wait... How about Musical Saw?! I'm not all that crazy about playing a typical electric guitar like the Strat I played tonite, the strings are too close together. The Danelectro DC59 I played last nite must have a wider neck too, cuz it wasn't as awkward as tonite, mind you, I AM taking into account my general awkwardness factor! And Ema says I sang outta tune @ some point in every song, which I consider a remarkable accomplishment! yer pal, bobo);o)