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Busy time for Flemmish Roof

My band Deadwood has a very busy schedule in November. We just finished playing at Boordy Vineyards on November 1st. The gig went well. We had great crowd response and everyone stayed till the end. Up next is a private Wedding gig at the Meyerhoff on the 14th, followed by a 1 hour set at Joe Squared on 21st. lastly is a gig on the 28th at Johnny Dee's. This schedule is gonna put a crimp on completing original tunes. In the meantime the making of a new blues tune has popped into my head. I have learned not to ignore these notifications so I have fleshed it out a bit. The working title is 'Blue is my Color' Stay tuned and please keep coming back to check for more stuff. Flemmish Roof

'Country Life' Release Delayed

Yeah yeah I know. I said it was coming out on the 14th of October. Well, it isn't gonna happen. I have a beautiful lead guitar part worked out but I'm not sure it fits with the mood of the song. Luckily, by using virtual tracking I can save my ten best versions of the lead guitar track. I gotta listen to it some more and maybe tweak some parts. but I'm real close to release. November is going to be hectic, my group Deadwood has 5 jobs over the next 5 weeks and time will be tight, but I'm gonna try to wrap 'Country life' up beforehand. Stay tuned...

Copyright submission

It's official. The United States Copyright Office, has received my electronic submission for 16 songs written by Flemmish Roof. This represents the first batch. Flemmish Roof has another 20 songs in various states of disrepair to be worked on in the future, Not to mention the unknown new songs that will come along when I least expect it. Expect the near immediate release of 'Country Life' by October 14th. 'Country Life' is a tune about a city dweller wistfully dreaming about the return to a much slower, peaceful, country style life, but doesn't really know how to get there. Following this is a soulful tune entitled 'Fifty Nine". By use of metaphoric phrasing, it is a plead for the return for a departed loved one. My keyboard needs some work on this one before release. Thanks for listening and please, keep coming 'round for a listen. Flemmish Roof

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Heading to my home town for a couple of days. 40th HS reunion. Has got to be a blast. I have a few songs in the works Fifty nine: bluesy and mid speed. simple arrangement. Guitar part needs some work before I upload it.Good tune, loaded with gutzy vocals. City Life: Might have to change the title a little, it seems there are several songs of that name. It started out country then when I decided to record it, it leaned towards rock and roll. Parts are getting polished. Probably the next song to show up. It features a harmonica solo by a guest artist named Lance Woodward, who is the lead guitarist in my cover group "Deadwood"

Pretty Momma added to my song list

'Pretty Momma' is now up on my songlist. It's my most polished tune both musically and as a studio engineer. Please give it a listen. Next up is for me to send away about 15 original tunes to the Federal Copyright office. After acceptance of the material I can begin uploading more tunes. I also have a backlog of older originals that have to be rerecorded using this new digital gear. Stay tuned. Lots of cool tunes coming!

flemmish roof

There is plenty more tunes floatin' around in my head. I got maybe 10-15 current to finalize and refine before adding to the frey. Come back and visit. 'Suzy Baby Blues' has just been added. Next will be 'Pretty Momma' which tells the thoughts of a man in love with a hooker. Love knows no bounds and we all suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.