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Imagination Music

This new movement of music has been in the making for years. From over a decade of musical ideas and career changes, my team and I finally found the "niche". What makes RJ & The imagiNATION great to us as that we can be ourselves and literally open our minds and ideas on stage in such a visual way. It's a new genre all together. It's what I would say "Imagination Music". This genre focuses on the beauty of visual story telling with sound and a visual experience all surrounded by a certain topic. The topics can range from life issues to life wins. See RJ & The imagiNATION as your thoughts put into character form. As we press forward, this concept will grow into something way beyond us and I'm looking forward to bringing you along to join us :-) -GADGET

The Goals for the Future of RJ Temple

Working in the wee hours of the morning shows that I'm not just doing this to be a star, this is in my DNA. The diversity of this musical world I designed is very hard to manage, but SO MUCH FUN. I mean... how many people do puppets by day and an Artist by night? All I know is that my goal is to develop my strengths and soar to the top with humility and diligence. This career is not made for the week, but for those who are willing to give it all. All meaning your time, your creativity, your best. Another thing I must keep in mind is my personal responsibility to God, my beautiful wife and my life beyond the crowds. For all my success starts there. If I keep that consistent, so will the rest.

RJ Temple