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We keep evolving

Hey Gang, This is Greg. I just want to drop a quick note to let you know how seriously we take your entertainment. As a band, we get a big kick out of getting better, and that runs the gamut from performance to equipment.

Let's look at the gear for this installment.

I can tell you I've tweaked eight guitars from the pickups to the potentiometers, been through three amps, tried six different speakers, evaluated many vacuum tubes, and done about three iterations of FX pedals. I've settled with a fairly good rig for the time being, but rest assured I'll keep changing it.

Dave has been through at least four basses and two amps, and settled with a killer axe and amp. He sounds great. All his axes have been tweaked.

Perry has made the (sometimes) difficult transition from acoustic drums to electric drums, and has the finest kit manufactured. He's spent a great deal of time tweaking the presets to come up with fresh (but familiar) drum sounds he can adjust at will.

We've added subs, monitors, lights and a bunch of accoutrement. We have a minimum of three websites. We've rotated over 100 songs on our list in a year and a half. We're dangerously close to having some merchandise.

So, from a technical standpoint, we have enough stuff to keep a geek occupied for some time. But how does this techno-babble make me feel? It makes me feel like forgetting all about it while play a raging guitar solo! I can forget about it because I have complete confidence in it.

Funny how that works... :-) Thanks, Greg

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