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NICE or The Nice

Yup...we were worried that there would be some confusion after we finally heard of "The Nice". We received several different emails in regards to them as well. One particularly came from Canada; it stated that we had some big shoes to fill. We seriously never even heard of them before, and we continuously asked around too, but didn't get feedback like that. Nobody we talked to had heard of them. In fact usually we had to explain ourselves whenever we told someone who we were, and what style we represented. It's not like 'The Nice was Led Zeppelin, Queen or The Beatles for Christ’s sake but we could see that it was definitely going to raise some questions and continue creating some potential issues. In fact Decoy Magazine's editor Adam Roncaglione contacted us as soon as they caught wind of our CD being mastered at Disc Makers back East! Here's what he had to say,

Hey Guys, my name is Adam Roncaglione and I'm the editor for Decoy Music Magazine: www.decoymusic.com I have come to realize how good you guys are and a few of my writers said they worship you all. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the latest cd and press sheet, because I really want to get a review up and try to hype up the news about the new record. I also have a writer interested in interviewing the guys. If this would be possible I would be so happy. I really look forward to working with you on this and all future projects and I hope you guys get all the success that you deserve. Please get back with me and let me know if this is all possible.

Thanks Adam Roncaglione

Now here's the funny part. We were so naive and dumb struck from the flattery he poised in the letter about how good we were and the fact that some of his writers worshipped us all. At first read we believed it. I mean we believed it ourselves and wanted so badly to get our music in the right hands for people like this to get so excited about it themselves that they would stop at nothing to make sure we were heard. It was exciting to us anyway. So excited we wrote them back before we realized.


We can probably work out something in a few weeks as far as getting material out to you guys. Everything is currently being mastered and production will take a few weeks before we receive anything to even send you something. I am Trenton Holland, acting lead man for N I C E and I usually handle all the promotion, but I've recently turned everything over to our bass player Mark Anderson. If you'd like to arrange interviews, you can reach him at the number below to work out the details.

Thanks for your inquiry and compliments, we would be more than happy to assist. Trenton

Then a follow up reply shot back...

Hey guys, let me know when the cd goes out. I can't wait to hear it! thanks, Adam Roncaglione

Then the reality kicked in. Back then that was our first cd. They couldn't possibly have had writers clear across the country that worshipped us. So here we were back to "The Nice" issue. Long story short we came up with an acronym to keep the spin on NICE alive. After all, we had already been performing under the name for almost 2 years and now we had already gone to print. We decided if anybody asked N.I.C.E. stood for, Now I Control Everyone!

At the time we were certain they were confused about our identity even though we scratch our heads about it today. We never did follow back up with them because of it. Kinda wish we had just for the sake of knowing now.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Our Practice’s have always had a tendency to get a little crazy due to our entire schedule indifference between all of us. For a while there we were even having two out of four practices a week at 5:00 in the morning! Yep, that’s what I said; 5 in the a.m.! Getting new material down is more crucial than actually writing new material. Even though we all get very anxious to write fresh songs we haven’t played a thousand times over, there’s no point performing new stuff if you don’t have it down. Once we start rolling into the Calendar of scheduled shows, practices become less important because we consider the performance’s themselves to be live practices. After all the material is written, produced, performed and crowd check tested at live shows, it’s time to take it to the studio. At that point we know what songs stand the test of time and what songs to include in the tracks.

Writing Words

"Some days I hang my head some days I'm yelling at the dead!" Lyrics have to be emotional and they have got to flow, if there is no passion the song won't grow! Our songs always start out backwards and it always starts out with a riff; something written on the bass or on the guitar until it starts to form a pattern that can eventually come around full circle like an algorithm. Once we get to that point we can start messing around with how the song is making us feel and we can start throwing in a beat; which is really important because the right beat will give the riffs spine and presence that guide the listener through the emotions with us as we say what we have to say. Only at this point can we start to form words. Once the riff’s laid in with a pattern and the beat is established, we can start to mumble a tune in our own language with syllable breaks we can eventually mold words into. By doing this, we can literally guarantee the success of the songs longevity by nailing it down to this science. This is our make it or break it code that determines and defines whether or not we'll always love to play the same song over and over again for years to come. As soon as that's been established, we complete the full direction of the song and usually everything almost always just falls right into place!