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Thanks to everyone who came out to Lenny's on Saturday, we really had a lot of fun! You may have recognized our guitar player Chris Wilfong from his past projects such as "Opposing Forces", "Proto-Culture", or his current solo project "Chris Wilfong and his Robots." After leaving the local scene for a while to raise his first "bio-robot", Chris is back in the scene with a vengeance... and we are proud to have him as a the newest member of i said i said! Check out his solo stuff at www.myspace.com/chriswilfongandhisrobots.

We would really like to thank Michael Shane for being such a momentous force for the band. Last February when he joined "Melissa Ann and Her New Band" , he was key to turning a still solo-sounding project into something much bigger... As everything cycles, Mike has moved on to other things, and I'm sure we will all hear about these happenings in the near future. We hope to continually cross paths, and collaborate, as the local music scene is a small world!

Thanks again to all our fans who continually support us through these changes! We look foward to seeing you soon, and showing you what is unfolding with a little more distortion, keyboard and harmonies!

-Melissa, Eric, Earl, & Chris.

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Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Started out riding with Eric. We left late, I went to get Subway while we waited for Eric to dry his laundry. We leave around 10:15-ish. I start out riding with Eric. W...


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The new music is here! We've poured our hearts and souls into this, and it's not just for us. Listen, and enjoy. The full 6 song demo is available for $5. Also, we have new t-shirts (check out all...



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