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Rocklahoma sendoff party success despite Huntington water shutoff!!

Despite the city of Huntington not having water and news reports that all city businesses were shut down, the party went off without a hitch at Club Echo and still drew respectable numbers (just short of 60 people at the door) Jimi Mitchell and Better Day Parade both put on solid opening sets and brought people to their feet to get the party started.

If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to check out the pics from the show. Our buddy Spooge (Mr Ive got my dealer on speeddial, himself) joined our show in a variety of costumes (one that was very revealing to say the least), fans joined the band on stage and much alchohol was consumed. There was also some video/audio recordings taken to document the event so we're looking forward to sharing some of that with you soon. We'd like to thank everyone who came out to see us off to Rocklahoma..circumstances be damned..lol....Huge props to Dave Lavender for a great article in Herald Dispatch and thanks to all those who helped promote whether you were able to attend or not.

Now in a unexpected turn of events we've been asked to host one more party before we head westward...this Saturday we'll be hosting a July 4th party at the Fuzzy Duck in Ironton OH. Our friends Better Day Parade will be rockin on the show and there may be one more band announced shortly. We played the Duck a while back for Battle of Bands and had a great time partying with the peeps there so if you were there or you missed our performance here's another chance to celebrate your independence with the 'King!!

Also if you look around the internet you may be seeing Zeroking news regarding our upcoming Rocklahoma appearance popping up all over the place. Thanks to our good friend at Zero Music, Dave Tedder, over 500+ rock/metal websites will be serviced with press releases.

We're looking forward to sharing stages with our Blastzone/Splattertribe brethren Chizel from Lexington KY and Rebel State (from Sweden). You owe it yourself to check out both bands if you're unfamiliar.. Again we'd like to thank all those who are helping to spread the word about the 'King both here at home and around the world.. You keep us Rawkin and we couldnt do this without you.