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New Album News!

OK, we're dropping the bombshell: Our new album How I Won The War is completed and will be released on April 7th by Jem Recordings! Much more info to follow, but here's the first press release: http://mvdb2b.com/?site_id=news&id=456

Recording continues on new Grip Weeds album

Sessions continue at The House Of Vibes for the next new release by The Grip Weeds. The band cut a batch of new songs for the record this past weekend. Titles include "Rise Up" by Kurt and "See Yourself" mostly written by Rick– both are rocking new songs that build on the sound they achieved on Strange Change Machine, their last album of all-new material. Kurt recently got a new larger kick drum (24"), and Rick suggested recording the drum tracks using the Glyn Johns method of mic placement (Glyn Johns is a legendary British Rock producer/engineer whose claims to fame are Who's Next and Led Zeppelin 1 among many others) which gives the new tracks an added power. The Grip Weeds also record to analog tape, an old school approach that imparts a thunderous slam to Rock music, drums in particular. And Dave's bass work is astounding throughout! The new songs are added to others they've been stockpiling for the last year or so that are in various states of completion. Recording Grip Weeds music takes time, but in the end it will be worth it. It won't be long now– We'll keep you posted! –Eli Ransford

Bassist Michael Kelly Leaves The Grip Weeds; Dave DeSantis Joins

“Due to demands of my growing family, music teaching and composing career in Philadelphia, it is with sadness that I announce I will no longer be an active member of The Grip Weeds. It's been an incredible journey filled with love, artistic growth, and incredible performances. As a band, we successfully rode the ever changing wave that is the music industry and morphed ourselves into a self sustaining musical enterprise. I leave behind with great pride a contribution to a band that stands on its own without compromise (and some pretty cool albums, videos, podcasts and live shows to boot). To me, the upcoming live album release is a fitting historical musical tribute of how we’ve grown together and what's so cool about The Grip Weeds: The Music and how we perform it. And you never know- you just might catch me at a live show, or maybe a guest appearance on another Grip Weeds album in the future. I wish them well and anticipate great things to come from the band. Thank you everyone for your incredible love and support.” -Michael Kelly (‘MK’)

Michael Kelly joined the group in late 2003 and participated in five full-length releases over an eight year period, including the upcoming live collection Speed Of Live (stay tuned for announcement of this release and more coming next week). Thank you MK for all the good vibes and great music- you will be missed. Joining The Grip Weeds on bass guitar is Dave DeSantis. Dave is a veteran bassist of the New Jersey garage rock scene- in his teens, he co-founded the punk band Chronic Sick and psyche-influenced The Secret Syde, later forming Laughing Soup Dish and The X Men. Recently called out of a musical hiatus by The Easy Outs (also from NJ), he was discovered by Kurt at The House Of Vibes: “As soon as Dave walked into the studio I knew he was one of us. Then he plugged in his Rickenbacker bass and proved it.” Dave’s distinctive driving yet melodic style has lit a fire under this already potent band- come to the first show of 2012 at Union Hall show and check out the newest Grip Weed!