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I Suffer From PTSD!

I suffer from PTSD! I was never in Afghanistan!! Nope! My PTSD is All 100% Canadian Made, right here On Nova Scotia's South Shore, by Our Very Own Local RCMP, after I called "911" like VAC Suggests on their web-page!! Bruce Webb CD


"NEVER & I MEAN NEVER CALL 911", if you are a Canadian Veteran in Crisis, like this Veterans Affairs Canada web-page suggests!! or You run the risk of TASER ATTACK & ARREST!! I sure hope the People of The South Shore Nova Scotia can sleep good at night knowing These RCMP Members are "STILL" out there, should they Need Call 911? Cause it's 4:40 am and I can't!! Bruce Webb CD

CBC News Posted 18/04/2016 http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/taser-lunenburg-county-arrest-not-justified-1.3541754

Are you a Veteran in Crisis? Find Help Now Call 9-1-1 or the emergency number in your community VAC Assistance Service 1-800-268-7708 TDD 1-800-567-5803 Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868


Rocker-Daddy Tazz
Rocker-Daddy Tazz  (12 months ago)

I suffer from PTSD, but I was never in Afghanistan!!


We need your help to find Royal Canadian Legions In Canada

Good day ALL; We would LOVE to visit as many Legions as we can while we are here in NS, PEI, NB & NFLD area and then as many as we can on our trip back home to Vancouver Island BC!! So WE are asking for your help reaching as many as possible so we don't miss even the smallest of branches coast to coast!! We are NOT in any way karaoke professionals, but would love to give you a show. Here is our FaceBook Page, and a photo album from a few Legions we have visited on our way East that basically lets you know why we are here, and some of the places we have been! We are hoping to stop in as many Legions as we can on or trip back home, so if you know of any Legion Branches that might like us to visit please Forward our information to them too!! We are not even sure when we will get your way, but will be getting there sooner or later!! So rather than just showing up at the door for a beer, I thought I would ask in advance if there was a day of the week that would be best to set up to give you a show or even shoot some darts?? If this is something your Legion Branch or Town Hall might be interested in please just let me know, so we can Plan to be there?? See You Soon? Bruce Webb CD Comox BC

Royal Canadian Legion Stittsville ON Branch 618 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.213924265479541.1073741862.170595196479115&type=3

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25 Sault Ste. Marie Ontario https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.208535819351719.1073741857.170595196479115&type=3

Almost Married Cross Country Christmas Tour https://www.facebook.com/pages/Almost-Married-Cross-Country-Christmas-Tour/170595196479115

Coast To Coast Canada At 5X Speed

I am now working on editing Every Frame of Video shot from Camera 02 we have shot so far!! I might not upload them until I have recorded some of my Guitar Playing and new songs I might record as we travel along?? I have not started from the beginning yet and can't promise they will all be in order of travel, but as soon as I get music added I will post them. If all goes well I might be caught up by the time we hit PEI?? Ha! Ha! Ha! Who knows but Lori has nerves of steal and I am loving every second of our trip so far! Even the SNOW we may be driving in??

Almost Married Cross Country Christmas Tour https://www.facebook.com/pages/Almost-Married-Cross-Country-Christmas-Tour/170595196479115

Hi All! I would like to offer "ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS" the opportunity to have their "Original Music & Songs" used as the Audio for Our 5X Speed Videos!! I have every Kilometer So Far already edited and just NEED audio!! I f you would like to HELP OUT, please just subscribe and lets get busy!! I have HOURS of this and want it to be uploaded in order of it's Date!! I am asking for all the help I can get, so will be asking CBC Radio for Help Too, cause This if done right could be a lot of fun, and help You Guys get some exposure too!! Just send me a note as many places as you can find me, cause I'm on the road even as I am Typing!! Tonight I Live at The Royal Canadian Legion Br 25 In Sault Ste. Marie ON singing Karaoke with some AWESOME PEOPLE we met!! Thanks!! TTFN Bruce Webb aka RDT

Jubilee Pot Pin vs The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals

Jubilee Pot Pin vs The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal BC Watch BC Puff Puff Pass Them Out To The Pot Prince's Paid Staff

Every Time I ask This Office for Help I get an answer, but the answer I get is basically telling me nothing? I think If this office Gives the Medals AWAY, they just might give a Crap who they are giving them to, and WHY!! TTFN Bruce Webb CD Comox BC Canada? From: GHInfo FIN:EX

to: Bruce Webb date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 9:34 AM subject: RE: Madam I Beg You to PLEASE STOP THIS!! mailed-by: gov.bc.ca : Important mainly because of the people in the conversation. Mr. Bruce Webb, CD Email: rockerdaddytazz@gmail.com Dear Mr. Webb: Your correspondence dated January 15, 2013, addressed to the Lieutenant Governor has been passed to me for attention and response. Her Honour is grateful to you for your kindness in acquainting her with your concerns about a recipient of Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. Although she awards the medals, she does not influence the selection of the nominees. You may wish to bring your concerns to the attention of the person or organization who made the nomination.

Her Honour regrets that she is unable to assist you and has directed that I extend, on her behalf, her best wishes for resolving your concern. Yours sincerely, James W. Hammond, OMM, CD Private Secretary

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Jubilee Pot Pin / "The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal"?

The last thing I would ever do is undermine what anyone's Family has done for Canada!! That is why I MUST make People see who Canada is giving these Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals to!! There is no "Honour" to be awarded the same medal as an Illegal Street Drug Dealer, or their "Hired Staff"!! I am so sorry but I have Morals that I must follow!! Please help me STOP the Drug Dealers form getting one, and the medal won't get tainted?? Again, I am sorry to be this way, but My Dad & Grandpa Deserve the Medals they got to have meaning and Honour unlike the Jubilee Pot Pin being handed out by someone "Pretending To Be Our Queen?? God Bless! Bruce Webb CD

Diamond Jubilee Medals Forever Tainted By Party Supported Street Drugs Dealers & Organized Crime! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8btAPxXXJA


Diamond Jubilee Medals Forever Tainted By Party Supported Street Drugs Dealers & Organized Crime! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8btAPxXXJA

Case In Point BC Lieutenant Governor 18 Nov 2007 & Dear BCAG Mr Oppal How Much $ In Taxes to 2010? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bx82Xbx3LQ

Canadian Rock Star / Politician In Need Of A Gig / Job

Rocker-Daddy Tazz Hey, as I see it there is only two jobs I can still do Rock Star or Politician, since in Canada they are the Only Two Jobs a Legal Pot User like me can have I think?? Just having me on the bus while touring Canada, is guaranteed to keep Stress levels down, while traveling between Concerts, Political Rallies, or a Combination of Both? Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm still looking for work, so if any Band Touring Canada should want what I have to offer, I'm open for offers for "Canadian Travel Only"!! Wink, Wink!!

TTFN Bruce Webb CD aka Rocker-Daddy Tazz Comox BC Canada http://www.reverbnation.com/rockerdaddytazz/song/6663614-rdts-i-have-lived-from-sea-to-sea-you-see?utm_campaign=opengraph&utm_content=song&utm_medium=link&utm_source=facebook

Canadian Pipelines & Who Profits, While People Continue To Suffer & Die?

PIPELINES? People in Canada want to build refineries, and work in refineries, and manufacture products with refined oil products, BUT we can't afford the Union Labour Costs here to do it! I was working in the early 80's as an electricians helper, doi ng the cleaning on an Oil tanker that almost sank making way over $800.00 / week, and I had Union idiots telling me I was underpaid and should walk out?? That to my knowledge that was the LAST NON-UNION Oil Job in NS and one of the reasons the work that followed went to Quebec?? The fact is in Canada the People that want, are willing to trample the people that need!! All they care about is that THEY have enough in thier "Future Contracts" to pay off the Credit Needed to buy Oil Base NEW TOYS & Products that are made in Communist sweatshops by SLAVES with OUR OIL!! I wish these idiots would just smoke their illegal Party oil, and get "Enlightened Enough" to see the People / Political Leaders they support are stabbing them in the back!! We all must know by now that if ten Union workers are working the Political Party could careless if a hundred families are hungry!! They just think they NEED get MORE so they have more to donate, after the NEW TOYS get paid off?? I bet some of these Party people think Canadians built the Unionized Canadian Railway with out the use of SLAVES too? TTFN Bruce Webb CD


How We Can Support Our Troops & Help Our Veterans?

How We Can Support Our Troops & Help Our Veterans? I just know someone could use my stuff to make fun of, if not for content the quality, then again?? I just don't have a credit card nor do I want one to get any Payment from!! To be honest I don't think my stuff sells, and anything I did make would likely get donated to Our Veterans some how!! I just like to make noise, and all my stuff is just a one shot deal cause I just make it up as I go and rarely write it down!! If anyone out there would like to help out with putting a CD or show together using my music as a way to help Veterans, lets get together and do it!! TTFN Bruce Webb CD aka Rocker-Daddy Tazz

Canadian "Unionized Entertainment" Media, Can't Tell The TRUTH

Canadian "Unionized Entertainment" Media, Can't Tell The TRUTH, With Out Losing MONEY & RATINGS, Not Even The CBC That Lose Both At Taxpayer's Expense Already Anyway? So Just To Be Clear I will Post This AGAIN for you all to see!! I bet every MP and MLA has ONE Compassion Club selling "Illegal Street Dope As A Medication" and if your MLA or MP says they did not know, they are Lying about that too, while withholding a FREE Medication that WE GROW AT Taxpayer's Expense that I GET FOR FREE!! If you have a Compassion Club or Med Pot Dispensary in your TOWN, Your Local MP & MLA ARE SUPPORTING THE CRIME, and NOT THE SICK WHO NEED LEGAL ACCESS TO A CLEAN LEGAL MEDICATION, that is already Grown at Taxpayer's expense both "LEGAL & TAXED ALREADY"!! Why do PARTY Politicians Permit "SOME CRIME" Like Street Drug Uses. Production & Sales for entertainment and 4:20 Parties, but force the "SICK & DIEING" to Support Organized "PARTY" Crime 365 days a year, just to supply thier "NEEDED" Illegal Medications? Medical MJ is BOTH 100% Legal and 100% FREE and I should know I get it delivered FREE & LEGAL Every Month From Health Canada, If you ask for it like I did!! TTFN Bruce Webb CD Comox BC CANADA Legal Health Canada MM User #548 as of September 2005.

Health Canada Statement on Medical Marihuana Compassion Clubs 2010-94 June 7, 2010 For immediate release "Individuals who disregard the requirements of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and its regulations, or the terms and conditions of their authorization to possess and/or their licence to produce, could be subject to law enforcement measures. Additionally, if compassion clubs operate outside of Canadian laws, this is an enforcement issue and falls under the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies. Under the MMAR, Health Canada is authorized to communicate information to Canadian police agencies, in the course of an investigation, that enables them to confirm whether a named individual or specified address is associated with an authorization to possess or licence to produce marihuana for medical purposes."

Bruce Webb CD Politics You Can Trust "I Work For You" If the Freedom Of Pot Idiots win the right to sell their street dope Legally in Clubs, then laws That LEGALIZE Criminally Produced STREET DRUGS to be sold for RECREATIONAL DRUG USE will limit MY FREEDOM to use my Medication where I may "NEED TO MEDICATE"!! Medical MJ is 100% Legal & FREE with next to ZERO restrictions on its use! Legalize PARTY SUPPORTED STREET DRUGS, and no Medical Users will Ever Smoke a Joint in the House of Commons, or anywhere in Public Ever Again!

Health Canada Statement on Medical Marihuana Compassion Clubs 2010-94 June 7, 2010 For immediate release http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/media/ftr-ati/_2010/2010_94-eng.php

Thank You Mr Harper For An $8,000.00 VAC Pension Increase & My FREE 4:20 LEGAL Medications! http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=I0SRUjVGfms

Rocker-Daddy Tazz
Rocker-Daddy Tazz  (almost 5 years ago)

@CBCEyeopener @CBCCommunity

Curtis Hargrove's Run Across Canada for Cancer

As a resident of Comox "VANCOUVER ISLAND BC", and former member of the CAF, I'm asking if you might give this a Mention or Two when ever possible? I worked with Curtis's Father as an Air Weapons System Technician, and know for a fact others living here have also!! I think it very fitting that we help support this young mans efforts, since we are all part of the Fight Against Cancer!!

He may not run here, but we can be a bright light for him to see beyond the runs end, and know the fight will NEVER END UNTIL WE WIN IT!!

Anyway I think it's a cool idea, and a way to help!!

Thanks For Your Time!!


Bruce Webb CD

Comox BC

Canada Curtis Hargrove's Run Across Canada for Cancer FaceBook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Curtis-Hargroves-Run-Across-Canada-for-Cancer/204896359601757

Rocker-Daddy Tazz
Rocker-Daddy Tazz  (about 5 years ago)

Please help Curtis reach his goal for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation! Make your donation today! Just think, if all 764 people following this page, made a minimum donation of $25 right now....that would be $19,100 in just a matter of minutes!

Donate Now/Donate Online
Select “community fundraiser” under “what led you to donate today?”
Enter “IF-0475 CH Run Across Canada” in the comments section

Harper's Canada and Medical Marihuana Gets a DIN# in 2011

Harper? I posted this before but?? Man his government is GIVING Medical Marihuana away for FREE!! Harper's Canada and Medical Marihuana Gets a DIN# in 2011 http://www.facebook.com/no te.php?note_id=10150175770 933009 Why Pot Leaders Want Freedom, If You Did Not Already Know! http://www.facebook.com/no te.php?note_id=10150174646 983009 No Money in a Happy Pill, or 420 Cumberland Road? http://www.facebook.com/no te.php?note_id=10150142756 383009 I totally understand the early days and why Medical Users blindly followed thier Deal...ers suggestions and supported crooked Polititions and Organized crime!! That was the ONLY way we could access OUR MEDICATIONS!! Lots has changed since then, out Pot Leaders have made Millions and even lived like Kings and Queens traveling to Spew thier Trash that is now threatening to TAKE OUR MEDICATION AWAY AGAIN!!! Look every Medical Marihuana supporter and even the Freedom Of Pot Leaders know it's all about the MONEY!!! I just want ACESS to a Medication that is Grown here at Taxpayers Expense!! If any POT LEADER wanted the Legal SICK to have access to a GOOD QUALITY Medication, they would suggest one of thier Growers might want to apply for the HC Contract!! BUT that cuts to deep into the Criminal Profits of POT don't it?? Just think HC Medical Marihuana starts winning POT Awards and is GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE!! Who would even want to buy thier Doctor Prescribed Medication from an illegal Street Dealer, and risk Dusting or other contaminants!! Me I would want it FREE or at least be able to claim it as a Medication from my Health Care Plan that covers them or for a year end Tax Deduction!! We will WIN, and it will take a FEW of US to make OUR Stand so Canadians see US as Medical Users, and NOT POT HEADS who just follow our Criminal dealers and thier PET Polititions around looking for scraps!!We WILL WIN!! Trust me!! Bruce Webb Efficacious Free Legal Medical MJ / WEED Hurdle One, We WIN Again!!! Next Up VAC Again? #1, #2, #3! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1kiQVuCK44 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfu94PG1lQs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCf64eFuqDo Rocker-Daddy Farms Free Medical MJ or MM No J In Canada Or I Need A J O B?? Efficacious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqyo9OLRaWY