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On Michelle Williams in Gay Clubs

My dad recently showed me an article criticizing Michelle Williams stating that her message is not "Gospel enough" thus why the song "Say Yes" is being so widely accepted into gay clubs. I thought I should address what "Gospel enough" music means to me and what its purpose should be in my opinion. Read more on Facebook Blog: https://www.facebook.com/notes/michelle-paulino-musicfriends/on-michelle-williams-in-gay-clubs/568547773272643

The genius of Pop Music

I read somewhere the other day that Pop music is "terribly logical and fluid". For the most part, it's true. But why is that bad? I used to be one of those complaining about it. I grew up writing poems, listening to elaborate genres of music and enjoying to be challenged to think and decipher abstract concepts. I still love it and I think everybody should want to go that extra mile. But it's the very simplicity in Pop music that makes it so genius. Throughout generations now, it's the one genre of music that sticks. It's cross-generational in the sense that there's no real niche for it. Pop found a way to enter the heads of every single body. You can be 9 or 90, your brain will still be singing to the catchy tunes. Then you will rant about how Pop music is crap to pose as a music intellectual. Let's get real, there's no shame in enjoying Pop!! Elaborate sets of chords or simple sets of chords can both be good music just like a double bacon cheeseburger can be as good as a simple grilled cheese. They all are good in their own applications and at the right occasions. The shame about Pop music in my opinion is the lyrical content of most of it. Pop has short-term impact, no doubt about it. Very rarely a Pop song these days is memorable enough to be iconic and continue memorable for a long time but its impact is still massive in a short amount of time and contagious, even enough to change entire mindsets. Pop is genius.

The Hardships in Making an Album

Although the music market today is track-oriented more than album-oriented, my producer and I decided that it was time for me to make an album. After reading an article in the studio about how the underground rappers The Clipse made $2million on their album and only got 200K out of it was a great lesson on the do's and don'ts of making an album. We prayed and sat down to create a theme for this project. Creating a nice, elaborated, tight concept can be so hard! You need to find out where you are in life and translate that into music...and then create a theme based on that...not necessarily in that order. Or if you want harder work think about the artists who create an image they don't really have naturally in them. Then somehow they gotta translate this identity they don't have into music...how do you guys do that? Each song should compliment each other with a purpose and that's not easy to do, unless it comes naturally to you. What if we can't define ourselves? Can you come up with a consistent album? On another note, it's funny that the songs I like the least sometimes are the songs people like the most. If you are a musician, then answer me: have you had that experience before? Why do you think this happens?