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Express Yourself

I'm understanding more and more the importance of expressing yourself about the things that you care about deeply in life. You have a voice! You need to be heard! If it's positive, uplifting, and motivating...someone can benefit greatly from that. We live in a selfish generation, day and age, that only lives for themselves. We need more revolutionary people, who aren't afraid to change the world and do it with dignity, strength, knowledge, and grace. Use your talents in such a way that changes your environment for the better. Do it now! Do it TODAY!! :)

Baby, Baby

I've been getting SUCH GREAT feedback and responses from so many people about this new single. Something about great music...it can promote itself. I'm so glad for all of you who have downloaded and supported the single. If not, then what are you waiting for?? Go to www.debrachurch.bandcamp.com and do it NOW :) You can also check out my video for the song at www.vimeo.com/debrachurch.

u guys ready for some new music?

i am sooo ready for you all to hear this next track. it is definitely inspired by diana ross and the supremes and that whole motown sound era. my producer gave me the track and at first, i was like "who do you think i am?? dreamgirls?" LOL. but to be quite honest with yall...i really do think i got a hit record :) #stayTuned :)


throughout my life, i have learned that every one you come in contact with is not meant to be a part of your destiny. your destiny is THAT PLACE where you are flourishing and finding FULL SATISFACTION in life and the people around you. it is a place where you are at peace with knowing that you are utilizing your gifts and talents to their FULLEST potential. on your way to your destiny, there are bumps in the road, cuts & bruises that you endure from people you THOUGHT loved and cared about you...but after the scars HEAL...you are able to CLEARLY see...who was REAL and who was fAke. fake friends do not make it into your deStiny...ONLY the ones that are ordained by GoD and MEANT to be there...are the ones that will LAST until the END OF TIME :)