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The New Up's Music Revolution

So I know that everyone thinks they're gonna start a revolution, but they hardly ever do. That's not stopping The New Up from jumping in headfirst. You see, we're not thinking about your run of the mill revolution where the status quo is overthrown in a violent upheaval all things evil. No, those never work out and they’re always replaced with something just as bad. We're starting a revolution that focuses on connecting people by showing them that we're all the same underneath it all, and we plan to do this 1 day, 1 life, 1 human being, 1 step at a time.

We no longer live in a world where we have to cut each other's throats to survive; the whole predication of our existence on this earth has done a 180. With so many of us on the planet now, we all stand to gain so much more by thinking about the viewpoints of people with which we wouldn't naturally empathize. We've turned an important corner. When we look back at this time from the perspective of the future, we'll realize that this was the pivotal time that determined the future of our existence; and that the decisions that were made today were the difference in determining the fate of humankind. No joke, it's that serious. But we’re gonna do it without taking ourselves too seriously. And that's what this revolution is about. Changing lives, one at a time, while having the best time ever doing it. That's why we want you to join with us in this journey, and there is no better vehicle to deliver this change than music. Let's get it on.

Here's a link to our campaign on indiegogo: http://bit.ly/142ZVw8

Oh, and by the way...

We've got a sneak peak show on Saturday, June 4, at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco w/ Seattle sweethearts The Staxx Brothers to help celebrate the 1 year anniversary of renowned writer Dennis Cook's blog, Dirty Impound. We'll be unveiling a couple of the new tunes, so get ready!

For those of you not in the Bay Area, don't worry - we'll be coming to you before too long; and with a whole new steelo!

What's The New Up to?

Just wanted to check in with all of you and give you a heads up on what's going on with The New Up, since we haven't talked to you in a while. We've been extremely busy in the studio, writing new material and getting our ducks in a row for the rest of 2011 and 2012. We've got lots of exciting stuff coming up, so whatever you do, don't go away! There will be new releases, new tour dates in your town and new merchandise available soon. We can't wait to get back out there and see all of your beautiful faces in person again! A word to the wise, we're really excited about the new music we've been writing and it's a little bit of a new direction that we think you ALL will like even better!

Talk soon, The New Up

The New Up in the Finals for MTV Best Breakout Bay Area Artist

The New Up is one of three finalists in the MTV Best Breakout Bay Area Artist Awards. Based on fan voting via OurStage.com, The New Up ranked #1 out of the top 20 finalists from 130 entries in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was selected by MTV to be videotaped at home and in the studio. Filmed at The Pleasure Pad (the band's rehearsal/recording space) and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and at Ex'pression studios in Emeryville, CA, the interview and performance footage will be aired throughout the day on MTV2 from August 17-28. The video will also be available on MTV2.com and TheNewUp.com starting August 17. Final online voting will take place from August 17-28 on OurStage.com, and the winner will be announced during the broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards on September 13, 2009.

For more info, visit TheNewUp.com and OurStage.com: http://www.ourstage.com/go/mtv2bayarea