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Help others have a dream life in christ...

Thank you for supporting and believing in Eddie James Ministries (EJM). We appreciate you standing with us to support our ongoing efforts. We need you now more than ever in two critical areas: ongoing monthly financial support to complete our joint mission to save our youth and a one time gift to help us purchase our home and headquarters in Hamilton, AL! As Eddie James Ministries travels throughout the nation and beyond, we pick up people that God has laid on our heart to be a part of Dream Life. Dream Life was established, as a rehabilitation and restoration program designed for high school and college age students. Dream Life's vision is to restore broken youth who've lost hope and their sense of purpose in life. Currently Dream Life actually travels on the road with Eddie James as a team of over 40 young people. But we desperately need a home! Our vision is to establish a real home base for Dream Life. We are currently in the process of purchasing a home in Hamilton, AL, which will be our first official Dream Life home. We need your help to make this vision a reality. Dream Life takes in youth whose issues range from drugs and violence to cutting and suicide. A student in Dream Life will stay as little as 6 months or as long as 4 years, depending on their natural and spiritual needs. EJM/Dream Life cares for over 40 young adults and their growing needs and we can't do it alone; it is only possible because of partners like you. We are campaigning for committed prayer partners and financial supporters through our monthly support program called "5 for Life" to help with the present and ongoing mission of Dream Life. When you become a partner with Eddie James ministries, you position yourself to bless others through your prayers and giving. Your monthly contribution helps: to reach the lost, encourage and equip believers, and allows people to encounter the love of their Savior. We need partners who will join with us, sow with us, to raise up and send out those who gave up on fighting or who were given up on by society, but who the Lord will use to impact the nations. To sow, please login to http://www.dreamlifeministries.org/donate