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Super Bowl Sunday Song

I made a song and video especially for today called "Super Bowl Sunday Song". It's about eating and drinking anything you want on game day.

Check out the song and video on my page.

New originals every day at chriscates365

Check out my daily blog where I post different songs from my career.


Golf Songs for Masters Sunday

I'll be posting different golf songs of mine all day in conjunction with Masters Sunday! http://chriscates365.com

"Highly Motivated"

Today's song features DangerMouse from Gnarles Barkley, Guerillas etc.

We recorded this song together back in the day in Athens, Georgia at Elixir studios. Hear it @ www.chriscates365.com

Sunday Afternoon Blues - today's song

I posted "Sunday Afternoon Blues" @ http://chriscates365.com for today's song of the day. I hope you are having a great Sunday without too many afternoon blues.

Hoping For a Redlight, today's song

Today's song of the day is "Hoping for a Redlight" from my 'Getaway Plans' album. http://chriscates365.com

The Sweetest Thing is Everything

Today's song at chriscates365.com is "The Sweetest Thing is Everything" originally recorded for February 11th for my song a day project last year.