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Hi, everybody! I was looking through the list of my songs here on Revernation and came to an conclusion that I am open to any music genre. There is everything in my music... from waltz to pop, from pop to rock, from rock to ballads, from ballads to electro, from electro to reggae, from reggae to soul... If you ask me why... then the answer is simple: I'M DOING MUSIC. And music is all... I still think that there is no bad music genre - there's only a good or a bad song. Nothing more. I've had so many musical influences that writing only pop or only electro wouldn't be enough for me, because I LOVE MUSIC!!! Recently, it happened that I brought tears to the eyes of two people listening to my recording (a birthday special). I'd never thought something like that would happen... And your comments still give me the courage to improve my voice and music technically. So I am familiar with all music genres, unless a song makes sense... I am open to you all of you and am very thankful to be a part of the wonderful ReverbNation family. It feels like home. New songs, soon! ..and thank you! ;-) Marek S.


Hello all! It's almost midnight here in my country and I've just finished watching some great music on youtube. Maybe I don't look like that, but I've just watched a blues video. The best I've ever seen. Ofcourse with one of my all time favourite female singers. And I realize how beautiful and emotional music can be. That's why I would like to thank all of you, for becoming my fans and all the wonderful and supportive messages and comments. I know I'm not that good at singing and I need to learn much more about it. But that's what life is about. Never stop learning! Once you get to the point, when u tell yourself you don't need to learn anything anymore is your dead! And I hope I'll get better and improve all I want to improve. YOU ALL ARE VERY WELCOME, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. :-) Best regards; Marek.


Hi, I need to do this: THANK YOU, MY FANS for your unbelievable comments on my music and very surprisingly on my vocals! It feels like heaven! I just never dreamed about reading such great comments on my ReverbNation profile. Like the comments saying my vocals blew you away... That's really nice to hear and it gives me the power and courage to try harder and get better. All your words on my music mean very much to me. I promise I won't disappoint you in near future and that I come up with songs, you will enjoy as much as you enjoyed Night So Long or Natural. All for you! THANK YOU!!! ;-) Marek.


Hi! So what have I been doing all the time?.... mmm... I only made a slideshow for Night So Long. First I wanted to draw some pics by myself and create a story. Then I wanted to put some photo's 2gether that would fit to the lyrics and then... Then I had an idea of making it as a slideshow, but with some original pictures. My friend Orion has always been taking beautiful pics of flowers. And I asked her for her pictures saying I would use them in my slideshow video for NSL. Happily, she agreed with that and voilaaaa... The video is here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP84SGtrZjA I uploaded the video to my YouTube profile on Sunday, May, 30 and since then it's been viewed almost 80 times (!) which is quite unusual for me and it's my personal record! I believe that its popularity hasn't stopped yet. ;-) Credits: Lyrics by Tim Eldridge Music by me producers are I&SON and not forgetting THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTO'S TAKEN BY ORION! THANK YOU SO MUCH! MY FUTURE PLAN is to record some new songs with I&SON, plus I would like to do something special for you, too. I'm a little bit ill now, but I believe the plan will work out! The times are hard these days in my country, just like in the other Central Europe countries, because of the rain and floods. Those horrible pictures I've seen and the situation I was in yesterday.... My thoughts go to those, who lost their homes. Marek. http://tvnoviny.sk/bin/tv/?media_id=2157774

My OLDER and (in)compete DISCOGRAPHY Pt. 2

#11. TRACKS (demos, MC, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) 1. Happy Now 2. I Would Only Know 3. The Last Song About You 4. Will You...? 5. In The Crowd (Cyberballad Version) 6. His Sister 7. Dreams 8. If You Don't Need Me 9. Like You, Like Me 10. ...And Stay 11. How I Wish It Would Rain / Party Day 12. A Better Man 13. One Day 14. I Believe (cover)+ 15. Walk The Road 16. Give Love A Chance 17. Merry Christmas 18. Always In Love With You 19. When I Danced With You #12. SUMMER BLUES DEMOS #1 (demos, CD, 2004, just playing around with samples and using my new software) 1. Cool Tribe 2. The Vampire's Love 3. The Great Radio Disaster 4. The Last I Remember + 5. Morning With You 6. Sick & Crazy 7. Be With Me 8. Enya's Boadicea + 9. Summer Blues 10. This Is The Music... #13. SUMMER BLUES DEMOS (demos, CD, 2004-2006, just playing around with samples and using my new software) 1. Summer Blues 2. Where's The Boy (Phunk Remix)+ 3. Breathless (trying to remix The Corrs)+ 4. I Want You (remixing Savage Garden)+ 5. Drive Me Wild (Remix) 6. TMD 7. L4L + 8. Moodoo (The Dead On The Dance Floor) 9. Running 10. Over And Over 11. Girls (Back In Dub Extended Vocal Mix) 12. Enya's Boadicea + 13. Survivors 14. Acid Baby 15. Graduate 16. Where's The Boy + 17. Perfect World + (remixing Marcella Detroit, ecstatic remix) 18. TMD (Extended Freak Mix) #13. DEMOS (demo, CD, 2004-2005, samples) 1. Turn It Off + 2. Back To Life (trying to remix a Soul II Soul classic)+ 3. Beware Of What U Wish 4 + 4. Cloudy Rainy Shiny 5. Moodoo 6. Nu Fanq 7. One Bad Day 8. Over And Over 9. TD4 + 10. Anne D. Roid #14. STARX #1 (demos, CD, 2004, playing around with samples again, lol) 1. Get It Down 2. Summer Blues 3. Out Of Love 4. Enya's Boadicea + 5. Suddenly 6. Cool Tribe 7. Nobody's Guardian Angel 8. The Great Radio Disaster 9. The Last Thing + 10. Morning With You 11. Sick & Crazy 12. Be With Me 13. This Is The Music... 14. Running 15. Moonchild 2 + (trying to remix a Shakespears Sister song) 16. Indian Summer + 17. Go On + + THE MATERIAL USING SAMPLES OF WELL-KNOWN SONGS CONSIDERED "REMIXES" OR "COVERS" WON'T BE USED PUBLICLY.

My OLD and (in)complete DISCOGRAPHY Pt. 1

Hello there! I'd like to introduce you more of my work. This is my (in)complete DISCOGRAPHY, though I should better call it DEMO-GRAPHY, lol. Most of my 90's material was more fun than art, but what else do you expect from a teenager, lol. ;-))) Horrible sound and even worse singing... Me and my first & old so-called "electronic keyboard". Well, I started to use a software sometime in 2004, and got the new keyboard in 2002, I guess. I only want to know the feeling, when I go through the list of my songs and realize that some of them (however, whatever) could have been real hits. Soooo, here we go: #1. MR. JUICE (demos, MC, 1994-1997) 1. Mr. Juice 2. (When It's A) Perfect World 3. We Used To Be Falling 4. The Gambler (With Love) 5. U Got Me 6. Tears 7. Yesterday I Couldn't Sleep 8. Love What Didn't Come True (later called "Unfilled Love") 9. Stale verim 10. Yeah Yeah Yeah 11. Secret Love 12. Stay (cover) 13. Dolu pri rieke / Down By The River #2. MAREK (demos, MC, 1998) 1. A Prayer For Freedom 2. Mr. Juice 3. Unfilled Love 4. Victory 5. Stay With Me 6. Sun & Rain (this was actually my poem I wrote for my English lesson) 7. Nemenna 8. Summertime (my song) 9. Tears 10. Unfilled Love ('98 Jungle Remix Edit)- using a jungle rhythm sample for the first time 11. Understanding 12. We Are The World! (a song I wrote for my friends) 13. Ty a ja navzdy 14. Memories #3. KERAMICA (demos, MC, 1999) 1. Your Love Is My Stamina 2. Obviously Sad 3. Now That I've You 4. Country Girl 5. You're Not My Brother 6. Movin' On 7. Falling In Love 8. We Are The World! 9. Lady Wrong 10. Cosmic Love (Access Code: 25132) 11. Sally & Fred (All That Jazz) 12. Heaven #7 13. Please Feel 14. Today 15. Keramica 16. I Believe In You #4. KERAMICA #2 (demos, MC, 1999) 1. How Do I Love You 2. Funk It Up 3. Can You Hear Me 4. Wakin' Up Back To Life 5. I Believe (cover) 6. Cybill 7. Kiss The Girl 8. Head In My Pocket 9. 1 Sen 10. Vitamin S 11. I Can't Have Anything 12. Night-out Hero (well, I'm not Stevie Wonder, but he discovered the same melody later in 2005 on his "A Time To Love" album in the song called "Please Don't Hurt My Baby", sooo who's the genius???!!!! Lol) 13. Love Overdose 14. Stay (cover) 15. It's All Over Now 16. My Only Lullaby #5. POET (demos, MC, 2000) 1. Nenaplnená láska 2. Mínus 20°C 3. Melanchólia 4. Osamelé ráno 5. Ovečka (I was trying to make a cover of a classic Czech country song, lol) 6. Otrávený 7. Benzín 8. Kto myslíš, že si 9. 1 sen 10. Nemenná 11. Raj farebných motýľov 12. Moje posledná uspávanka 13. Ego (instrumental) #6. M2000 (demos, MC, 2000) 1. EQ (instrumental) 2. Stay With Me (Remix 2000) 3. Túto noc nezaspím 4. Friends 5. Múza (Ezoteric Extended Relax Version) 6. Múza (Version #2) 7. Múza ("club" mix) 8. Múza (Original Version) 9. Ja sa nemením (Silent Dance Mix) 10. Ja sa nemením (Dark Blues Mix) #7. MÚZA (demos, MC, 2001) 1. Ja sa nemením 2. Múza 3. Odpusť mi 4. Netuším 5. Vzduch 6. Friends 7. Stay With Me 8. Bluesin' (To Make You Feel) 9. Someone 10. Angels (my song) 11. Len 1 deň lásky 12. Mr. Juice II (2001 Lation Mix) 13. Spriaznení 14. Leto 15. Trying To Safe Our Lives 16. Three Little Words 17. Foreign City (cover) 18. Sunday (cover) 19. Tears In Heaven (cover) 20. Túto noc nezaspím 21. Múza (Violin Mix) 22. Stay With Me (Remix 2001) #8. AUGUST (demos, MC, 2002) 1. Žena (instrumental) 2. Neznáma 3. V posteli 4. Nespavosť 5. Down The Alley Road 6. Borrow Me 7. Slnko (Veselé Blues) 8. Si / It Feels Like Love 9. Večná 10. Hráš sa s mojou mysľou 11. A Man From Mars 12. I'll Always Be Here For You 13. Lies #9. THE RAW SAMPLER (demos, MC, 2003, on new keyboards) 1. Si (Pop Version) 2. Together We Will Stay 3. Borrow Me 4. Si (Big Band Version) 5. V posteli '03 6. I'll Always Be Here For You 7. TMD THE MATERIAL CONSIDERED "COVER" WON'T BE USED PUBLICLY.

It's time to say THANK YOU!

Hello, after some time (since October...ooohhhh)I've decided to tell you the news about my music. But!... First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to the new people who have become my new fans here on ReverbNation.com! This is the moment I finally start to discover some fantastic music on RN. I never really paid too much attention to my RN profile. But music makes the people come together and that is so true! I'm hoping to get better in my "singing" and believing you will like my new stuff. Thanks to RN I got in touch with I&SON, who are now helping me with some songs. Our first song is called "Aloha My Love" and some more will follow soon. I don't know exactly what's my plan like, but I know I am growing up nicely step by step. Thanks for reading this, for becoming my new friends and for the beautiful music I've discovered on your profiles! All the very best! ;-) Marek.

Dietny blog

Zdravim opat, neviem sa dockat piatku. Z tohto tyzdna mam taku nafuknutu hlavu ako balon, a to som sa nemusel ani nadychat helia. Jednoducho je tento tyzden taky o nicom. Asi zapadam do stereotypu, este aj veci v robote sa stale opakuju a to ma uz vazne prestava bavit. Same bla bla bla a k tomu este aj moj "drahy" zriadovatel internetu si dovolil poslat mi upomienku za nezaplatie faktury, co ma vazne dozralo, pretoze nejaky debilny zamestnanec si nedokaze ani po vyhlaskovani mojho mena zapisat moj e-mail. A ja si mam teraz zliznut neschopnost takychto pracovnikov???!!! A to som potom e-mail opravoval este raz a stale nic. Bohvie, kam moja faktura putovala. Volal som dnes do tej super firmy a po stlaceni volieb na telefone, ktorych bolo asi milion tristo som sa konecne dopracoval aj k zivej osobe. Tej som problem vysvetlil, ona hned moje udaje opravila a nanovo mi zaslala moje faktury. Ja cely spokojny som to zlozil a povedal som si, ze chvalabohu a potom mi doslo, ze sice udaje to upravilo, ale ten pocit, ze sa mi v podstate v upomienke vyhrazali odpojenim internetu a zaplatenim pokuty z omeskania... Nie je to sice ziadna veda, ale osobnostne sa ma to dotklo. Ja, clovek, ktory si vzdy tieto veci vedel ustrehnut, a zrazu toto! A preco? Pre neschopnost zamestnancov v tejto kominarskej firme. Mal by si to odskakat niekto druhy. Pretoze seriozna spolocnost sa takto nesprava. Navyse mi v upomienke vysekali tri dni na zaplatenie sekom, co je maximalna hovadina, pretoze takto peniaze sa na ich ucet nestihnu dostat na cas. V jeden den sek pride, druhy treba poslat a na treti den ma odpoja, pretoze vtedy este peniaze mat nebudu. Veeelmi seriozne zaobchadzanie so zakaznikom! A to ste este nevideli ako mi zhovadzuju priezvisko, napriek tomu, ze som ich uz na to predtym upozornil. Postarka si musi mysliet, ze v meste byva niekto novy. Faktury som uz sice vyplatil priamo cez banku (lebo v takejto sibenicnej lehote som nemal cas hladat heslo od i-net bankingu), ale nic uz nezmeni na tom, ze ma napadli za nieco, co nebola moja, ale ich chyba. A stale mi to nejde do hlavy, ako sa zachovali a nic si neoverili. Pokuta bola sice smiesnych 1,66 €, ale to, ze zo mna urobili neplatica, ktoremu sa vyhrazali odpojenim od internetu, pretoze som za internet nezaplatil... JA! Ktory, okamzite chodi splacat seky, len co ich dostane. Hanbim sa... Hanbim sa za to, ze som sucastou tejto kominarskej firmy, a dufam, ze sa uz nic take nikdy nestane. Zajtra je "treti" den. Som zvedavy, ci si vsimnu, ze im na ucte pribudli moje peniaze. Pri ich serioznosti je to mozne. A ak ma nahodou odpoja, zaziju nieco, co este nezazili. Mozete si mysliet, ze toto je fakt smiesne o com tu pisem, ale ja vazne zurim. A mozno sa to ani neoplati viacej pitvat, pretoze taketo veci sa urcite stavaju "bezne" mnohym ludom. Vysledok vsak hovori o tom, kde maju taketo firmy svojich zakaznikov, ktori nie su ich panmi, ale obycajnymi nastrojmi a cislami, s ktorymi zametaju a z ktorych urobia tutmakov priam na pockanie... Ale to nie su asi ziadne novinky. No teraz som sa v tom aj utvrdil sam. HAWK.


Hi there, I've decided to upload some of my older songs on here as some of them made a few people have an interest in my non-professional music. I'm about to upload mostly remixes and various versions of my songs, I only have to convert them, 'cos there are already some which are really xxxl remixes. Like the one for "I Would Only Know" or "I Can Save Your Name" (about 9 minutes)... The other songs' names are: "Svet okolo teba (The World Around You)" + remix "Morning Coffee" "Paralyzer" "False Friend" "TMD" remix "When I Danced With You" "What More Can I Say" "Nedokonali" original mix "You Butterfly" alternative dance mix... Meanwhile, I'll be trying to record the new songs I was talking about in my previous blog. I only wish I had more free time to do that. ;-) Thanks to whoever who is reading this (is there anybody?)! Good night! Marek Starx.


Zdravim, v (ne)dohladnej dobe sa chystam dat dokopy niekolko (podla mna) dobrych pesniciek. Ich nazvy su: "SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD" "WAITING SO LONG" a tiez mam pripravenych par melodii, z ktorych by mohli byt tiez celkom dobre pesnicky. "Waiting So Long" je piesen, ktoru som vymyslel len nedavno, je to jednoduche, klavirne... a dobre! "Somewhere In The World" je zasa pesnicka z maja alebo juna tohto roku, takze uz by bolo na case ju nahrat. No a tie dve melodie...zatial su a vyzera to tak, ze jedna z nich bude tanecnejsia a druha melancholickejsia. A TERAZ O NIECOM INOM (AKO VZDY V KAZDOM ODSEKU, HAHA): A kedze toto je moj blog a mozem si tu vylievat svoje myslienky a nazory, davam vam do pozornosti aj istu hudobnu udalost: moja oblubena kapelka Shakespears Sister sa po odmlke z roku 1996 vracia na scenu! Urcite si ju pamatate aspon podla hitov ako "Stay", ci "Hello (Turn Your Radio On)". Shakespearova segra vydala tri oficialne albumy (dva albumy s Marcellou Detroit), jednu oficialnu vyberovku a vydavatelstvo Warner Music prispelo aj remixovou vyberovkou. A "skupinka" pokracuje ako solo Siobhan Fahey (co ste mozno uz poculi z tretieho albumu), len hmmm... Marcella a Siobhan... ich hlasy sa dokonale doplnali, ale co uz. Mimochodom, aj Marcella Detroit momentalne pracuje na svojom stvrtom solovom albume od odchodu zo skupiny. Ach jaj, stare dobre casy rokov devatdesiatych... ;-)