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What makes me do this thing called music prt 2

some might call it egotistical but it's not that either. I am not a self centered person I will do anything for anyone at anytime. Hell I am willing to live back with my 70 year old parents not have a penny to my name, no car, no bank account, I teach music to 1 person for 10 dollars a week and it's an hour lesson that usually last 2 to 2 1/2 hours until he tells me he's tired and wants to go home but still yet I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life, because I am literally drowning in the music submerging myself in it. before I finished this CD I was practicing studing not playing to different things 16-20 hours a day and couldn't get enough then. It so wierd to go around my family because knowone will even acknowledge that I play they think it's a joke, so I just grin and don't talk about it to anyone, but it's there all the time like this haunting ghost. You know if this CD doesn't sell I keep telling myself that I won't play again because if know one cares enough to buy it then why should I make it anymore but in truth I know I will keep playing until it kills me of a stroke or heart attack from lack of sleep it's what drives me. I still can't figure out how some seem to get so lucky and they don't have to work at this but others of us kill Ourselve's and knowone seems to care. You know it still seems so wierd to ask people to (BUY) my music it's kind of like selling my kids or something but at the same time I know if knowone buy's the music I won't be able to keep making it, because to be able to play at the level that I know I can and will always expect from myself, I have to play constantly. I will literally go into a studio mode and not leave it for days I mean 3,4,5 days at a time except to eat or go to the john. It has to be right. When it comes to playing live I have this weird need to push everything as far as it can go I have physically hurt myself and pushed things to a point that I would be physically exhausted just to give people a show that they won't forget it's what I expect from others and rarely ever see Stevie Ray was the last one I ever saw do that. But I guess cause I need to get back to the promoting thing I'll stop there,but if the woman who asked me that question is reading this I hope you or anyone else that reads this understands what makes me do this better or hay you may just think I'm out there/twisted I know the state of Texas did that's why they put me away for a year(Confession from the inside) ya it's a true story folks and Mr. Scary does live in me but he's cool and my best friend and just wants folks to dig the music ok. I guess in the end, the songs they are me they will validate that I was here on this earth when I'm dead and dust maybe that's why I do this I don't know. I do pray every night that this CD sells not to be rich but so I have the time and financial funds to make better more creative music/art that might some how help someone or inspire that kid that wants to play to be the next Jimi or Stevie and to get out and meet all these people and thank them personally for enjoying my songs well enough to buy them it just sort of validates that hey I may be crazy but, if I am I damn sure want to stay this way cause it feels so good to get up every morning loving every inch of this earth and every person god blesses me to meet until I no longer exist. So in closing of this Blog all I can say is HELL YA! and go buy a CD DAMN IT! see ya

What makes me do this thing called music prt1

Well the myspace machine cut my email off again today, pretty typical everyday occurance but I guess it would be when you stay on here 20 hours a day 7 days a week doing nothing but send press material and begging people to buy the Cd. Man what a life huh. I stay in a prison of my own making yet I love this more than life itself now if that aint crazy! I haven't even stepped in a grocery store in like 4 month's I do still try and run 3 miles every other day well who am I kidding I haven't even done that in over a week now. You know I had this woman ask me the other day what I was doing this for, I don't really rember what I told her right now but it did make me think about it. When it comes down to it I guess it's like an addict I'm not sure, I don't really want fame or fortune in fact I have a hard time being in the public eye unless I'm on a stage that's my home it's my house and I can go crazy there you know but crowds freak me out to be in them. Some times I wish I could get rid of this curse it's all I think about 24 hrs. a day and it's not about money or anything like that lord knows I can't feed a roach right now, but yet when I look back on things when i was working sometimes 2 jobs and playing I am happier now then I ever was in my entire life, and I guess because I'm living the dream I wanted when all this started years ago. I am an artist I happen to paint with a guitar not a brush. you know I have had some long talks with God from time to time and I used to ask him why me? if nothing is going to come out of this please take this need/curse to create music away that it is useless to do this when nothing comes out of it or knowone cares. I work constantly and I'd go play places and may make 10 bucks so why am I driven to do this and to that (he or she God that is) would never give me an answer but the need was still there driving me, man and I would fight it too. but that's when it get's real strong it fights back and will make your life miserable, but then I would hear the music and all that misery turns to numbness and warmth and I feel whole again. At this point I won't know until July if even one copy of this CD has sold so at this point I have made a total of 82 cents for working like a slave literally to something that I can't ever have and that's total peace and grace with myself. Hell during the course of a 23 yr marriage I ruined it by this curse we stayed together but my wife was so jealous of the music that it drove us apart hell she never once from the time she was 18 till when she died at 42 never saw me play live once, she would refuse, but yet I can't quit I spent holiday's, christams's playing places that had 10 drunks in instead of being with my family, yet I still can't quit. when I finish a piece I feel the same joy as when my children where born literally that pride that a man has in himself.

Richard Lee Wilson
Richard Lee Wilson  (almost 8 years ago)

Trust me, anyone who has ever seen you play or even heard your work would never consider it foolish. It's a talent I cannot even imagine having and believe me your emotion and dedication comes through with every note. I LOVE your CD!!!! I bought several as a matter of fact for gifts as well. This is definately what you were meant to do. You are greatly missed in Texas!Kimberly

To be or not to be, The answer to this question is up to you

I got a question for you? So what did you think of your new CD "Stand and Fight". don't tell me you haven't picked up your own copy yet, you know you’re going to get some new music soon real soon right, all the new rock goes stale so fast so why not get some real art. Something with substance, not just the same old tired mainstream crap. "Stand and Fight" from Richard Lee. Let's face it he's one of the most surprising guitarist's you've heard in year’s right? All the songs are very creative, different, and solid. Not like so many other new bands which one song runs into another and yet another. So ask yourself right now isn't his talent worth the money? If not a CD how about your favorite track downloaded to your IPOD! It’s a buck you can't even buy a cup of coffee for that and the track will keep you rockin a whole lot longer. The new CD has so many musical twists and turns that you will find something new in it every time you listen to this Amazing piece of work! Let’s face it folks Richard has done the work for all of us, and needs to know that it all has not been in vain. Please show your support, that you believe in his talent. Anyone who has seen this extra-ordinary musician live (put a comment up on the site) and testify to the electricity that comes from his live performances he will literally wear his audiences out! But the only way those who have not seen him live will be able to ever see him, is by supporting his studio efforts and raise a fuss and holler to the rest of the damn world! As Lemmy from motorhead put it so nice: Richard has run it up the flagpole and now he's asking you to salute it! And support it. So are you a believer? Or is he just another bad rock joke let him know, email him if you want. Because guess what he can take it. Cause he is "YOUR NEW GOD OF ROCK!" can I get a (HELL YA!) www.reverbnation.com/richardleewilson stop in and sign the email list, get a download, buy the CD! show you support as he has shown his Conviction and Dedication to the art of music!

Ayleah  (over 7 years ago)

HELL YA !!!!!