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Sharing Space with Beautiful Women!

Okay so over the past 2 days I have been blessed with the opportunity to share space with some of the most gifted-beautiful women I know.

There is a silent tangible energy that emerges when creators come together.

If you have not heard these women perform: Stephanie Anderson, Regina AaMacha, Wendy Barmore, Anji Kat, Rebekah Pully, Iris Calling now is the time to stretch yourself and hear what our local singer/songwriters are putting out for all of us to enjoy, embrace and share.

I am honored to be part of this fabulous community!

BLESSINGS! Remember To FLY: F - first L- love Y- yourself


Give Love - Receive Love

I am learning constantly! When I am 'open' and in my 'love' state of being all things fall in place. Anxiety, sadness, frustration all leave my heart and mind. In this state I am fully open to receive from the universe. Even when images of my past pop into my now- I am still open and loving, thanking God for the opportunity of receiving these gifts and lessons!

This life is a journey and I am the creator of my life in this physical plain.

I am forever grateful to everyone who stands with me and beside me, in all life has to offer to myself and everyone around me.

May your day be filled with Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love!

Fabulous Postive People

There are many ways to spend an evening. My fav. is with positive like minded people. That is what sharing the stage and making music is all about. Getting that oneness, that vibration all on the same frequency. Tonight was one of those nights. Thank you to all my family, friends, music buddies and fans who came out tonight, braving the chill in the air to spend time with us in this wonderful movement of music and life.

It goes beyond words what spending time with positive, like minded people does for my well being!

Bucket List Moment

WOW, just let me say WOW once again. I had the best time doing a benefit for Sisters singing for Sisters that benefits Crescendo (Womens Chorus) here in Tampa Florida. Held at the wonderful live music venue Skippers Smokehouse, it was a brilliant night of great music, communion of friends and family. But the BEST thing for me was meeting one of my favorite performers EVER Lucie Blue Tremblay! When I was in my 20's she was a major influence on wanting to write and perform. So it was a bucket list moment to not only get to converse with this beautiful artist but to be able to share my music with her was the BEST moment! Indeed you get what you put out there in the world because this my friends was a wish I had placed out there! Thank you to all that made this a blessed event!

Grateful for the Win

Wow yesterday was such a brilliant day of showcasing the popular vote by Watermark Magazine readers! YOU ALL ROCK! My category was Favorite Musician and I came in first (Very Grateful), my wonderfully talented Rocker Friend Jami Gee also celebrated her placement in this category. (If you have not seen this remarkable woman wail on the guitar you are in for a pleasant treat. Check her out https://www.facebook.com/jamigee1514) Thank you to everyone who voted for all of your favorites. It really is all about what you: fans, family, friends, like, love and want to hear from us performers. Many blessings and again I am deeply honored to have your vote!

HAPPY 2015 = New Attitude

Okay well just finished reading 'The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz'. Simply the how to guide to get life back into the real of things! TaDa...welcome to 2015 where it is all about the music. SO- I am on a quest to get my butt up to North Carolina area, (Charlotte, Raleigh, Ashville) and over to Texas baby...(Ft Worth, Dallas) If you all know of a great venue that does live music I am all ears~! Hit me up and let me know. Peace - L


You know it is always a humbling experience when you are faced with something that 'takes away' your freedoms you are used to. Meaning when asthma strikes and 'takes' the ability to sing and / or talk.

Not being able to sing at my gigs for the past 2 weeks has made me even more aware of my need / drive to sing and play music. Funny how we as a human race can become complacent with in our own lives.

Take nothing for granted!

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