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A Story Of Tolerance

A Story of Tolerance (Based on Jonah 1-4) October 6, 2010

GO!And Preach To this wicked and evil nation(people). I have compassion and love For them- Though they know Me not.

I don't wanna go! I'd rather die! I hate these enemies of mine! They deserve to die!

So, he ran From God; From the calling on his life.

Like Jonah, We too, run From God- From our own hearts.

Taking ship, We set sail- Headed in the opposite direction Of God's destination for us.

We sleep in the hull As the storms rages on. Oblivious of the happenings Going on around us.

The Captain awakes us, "How can you sleep?, Call on your God to save us!"

Casting lots, We draw the black stone- Guilty of the cause Going on.

"Who are you?What have you done?"...

I take responsibility For the crime I have done. Disobedient heart- In rebellion I have run. Throw me overboard So that YOU might be saved. I'd rather die, Than see MY enemies saved.

So, they threw me overboard. Wind and waves subside. "Hold US not responsible", Was their hearts' cry.

Sinking in the water I pray death be near. Instead I am swallowed. Inside a great fish- "Why am I STILL here?!"

For three days and nights, I sway inside this beast. Covered in seaweed and brine I am this fish's' feast. I pray and I ponder- Humbled in circumstance. Vowing to make good, This situation as I should- The Lord hears my cries, I am the vomit of the fish.

So, I go To Ninevah To preach as I've been told. "You've got forty days, To mend your ways, Or die, as been foretold."

Putting on sackcloth- Sitting in the dust. The Ninevites repent Of the evil days they have spent. The King commands repentance- To turn their evil hearts towards God. "With compassion, God may relent, Turn from His fierce anger- So we will not perish."

So Jonah Becomes angry once again-

"Why do you continue to be compassionate? I don't understand why, God. How can you continue to love? To not be angry and send calamity. It is what my enemies deserve!"

"You have no right to be angry." This is His reply.

Sitting on the beach, I brood at my own discontent. A vine grows and covers me- I am shaded from my hate.

Or so it seems.

The next day, The sun rises; Worm eats the vine. Wind and sand blast my face; I curse the stupid vine.

"Just let me DIE! It would be better than to live!"

Once again, The question arises, "What right do you have to be angry?"

"I DO! I am angry enough to die!"

Who are we to contend With the One Who says to grow; to wither and die. Whose slow to anger Kind and compassionate To those whose actions Deserve this not.

Yet,His mercy is always shewn. Even when we think They deserve vengeance and death.

"Redd"Sonia Sauruk

Vicissitude To Summer

Vicissitude to Summer June 21, 2010

...And so a certain vicissitude of Spring to Summer has occurred once again. Merely the date on the calendar that man chose to use as an indicator that this is happening. The seasons to me seem to have become finicky and extreme in these two-thousand and somethings years. Mother Nature is a bit ticked off. I do believe the seasons are looked over and told what to do at given intervals by certain appointed angels.

The earth is groaning. If you take the time to sit and listen you can hear her complaints, her cries. I do still find, hear and experience peace at the same time. The music of the leaves rustling in the wind in the trees. The wind is a symphony of it's own; add birds for flutes and chimes. Perfection at it's best.

Everything is ALIVE! In that respect, the earth itself is too. She is able to heal herself when torn in two; by mens'

negligence; when ravaged by volcanoes and natural disasters. Even then new growth will eventually come after some time.

We need to take care of this earth. She is not getting any younger. Children need to be taught once again of the beauty that can be found in nature. Of the wonderful beings and creatures created for our enjoyment. To be admired by all and everyone.

We need to teach again how to care. To respect ourselves, this planet and all those around us. For I fear if this is not reconstituted and relearned we are doomed and so is this earth...

"Redd"Sonia Sauruk

Do as you've been told to do and take care of this earth!

PRAY without ceasing...

Pray Without Ceasing June 5,2010

We should know that HE wants to help us because HE is our helper.-Hebrews 13:6

"Too often we get caught up in our own works concerning prayer. Sometimes we try to pray so long and loud and fancy that we lose sight of the fact that prayer is simply conversation with God. The length or loudness or eloquence of our prayer is not the issue, it is the sincerity of our heart and the confidence we have that God hears and will answer us that is important." -Joyce Meyers in regards to prayer.

We should be and need to be praying ALL DAY LONG!... 1 Thessalonians says "Be unceasingly in prayer[praying perseveringly]."-Amplified Bible. The KJV reads it this way," Pray without ceasing."

I used to think and wonder as a child, "How can I be kneeling and praying all day long?" It seemed torturous to me. Somewhere in my belief system, and being raised a Nazarene Pastor's daughter, I had learned this: I must kneel when I pray; close my eyes; bow my head-in order for it to count as prayer. I would feel condemned if I prayed any other way. What is that? The indoctrination of man's beliefs, systems and HIS way of thinking and doing things.

I am so glad that particular yoke has been broken off of me! I mean, come on people! Let's get real! I now know that my day should be a prayer all through out. Praying all kinds of prayers, especially on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world!

What I have learned is that prayer is truly conversation with God the Father. Sharing your feelings, thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, troubles, blessings, hurts and everything else! Sometimes I find myself talking out loud. People will claim to usually be talking to themselves.Not me. I am talking to God!

He wants to help us. We just decide not to ask Him for it. If He cares for a bird, how much more does He care for you?...Simple believing prayers. "Prayer is made powerful by the sincerity of it and the faith behind it." "We need to have such confidence about our prayer life that prayer becomes like breathing, an effortless thing that we do every moment we are alive."-Joyce Meyer

Be in a prayerful attitude throughout the day. Praying these simple prayers, continuing to be respectful, reverent of heart and humble of Spirit. Some may think these prayers are contrite and pointless and worthless. These are the little things that really touches the Father's heart. It shows we want to trust Him in even the simplest of things.

As we face each situation or as things come our way: the darts of the enemy or as things come to our minds that need attention, THEN we need to submit it to God. Whenever and wherever you go. Slow down. Take a breathe and say a simple prayer of faith. Ask for Wisdom .He that asks will receive...

"Redd"SoniaSauuk June 5, 2010

Above all else...BE BOLD!

Above All Else Be Bold May 28, 2010

Fear can be paralyzing. I know. I spent many a' days stuck Not moving forward, not being productive Just living. Breathing, eating, sleeping, existing-

What a miserable existence. You've heard the saying, I am sure, "It is better to have tried and failed then to have not tried at all." Not me. I was already defeated. Without lifting one finger to progress- Fear had made me a mental and emotional paraplegic. Lacking healthy and true confidence, I remained trapped. Within my own little world of reasoning I'd rather be "safe". Like a hermit in his solitude I wanted to be left alone.

Oh sure, I appeared to "Have it all together," But inside I was a withering, fading flower- Yearning for just a drop of rejuvenating morning dew.

Funny how childhood circumstances can shape us...

I can never recall blaming God. I knew as early as I can remember He just was. I felt Him. Even though my situation was not ideal, I some how knew I was being watched over- Being protected from far more dangerous things.

I was a haven for some as a teenager. I helped encourage so many others. Inside though, I was a scared little girl. I didn't know how to trust people Nor did I want to. So while all others were confiding in me And sharing their hurts with me, I had no one...

I didn't know how to effectually talk to God Like I do now. So I constantly struggled With identity With proper self-esteem With trusting others- I had glimpses of courage and boldness. But I was not able to continuously Walk in the light of it.

Self-Doubt is criminal.

So now, I find myself as an adult Returning to that child like faith. Just knowing that I don't control everything Nor can I. Furthermore, I am done trying to.

I will continue to strive. I really KNOW that God will never leave me or forsake me. I have seen this evident throughout my life. I continue to learn this, "Above all, be bold and courageous."

I encourage you to do the same.

"Redd"Sonia Sauruk May 28, 2010

Be Still (Live Your Life)

BeStill May 25,2010

My mind sometimes races a mile a minute. Sometimes I crash and burn. "Be still and know that 'I Am'"

What wonder. What beauty. What Truth. There are so many distractions that get our Heart's minds attention off of what we truly Need to be thinking about. "Keep your minds on things above."

Matters of great concern should be treated lightly. Matters of small concern should be treated seriously (Hagakure)

We live life pretty much the same Whatever our lot be.

Average, every day, blue-collared,stay at home, Work, pay bills, and over and over again.

Then there are those people, who in our estimation, must have it "made." The seemingly successful: musician, actor, artist, athletic types, whom most of which are just as miserable in an empty mundane existence.

There are a few, however. Those who have decided that it doesn't matter What the circumstances, all is well. People who decide to make the best and most of every day.

It is a decision. Do I decide to be lazy, discontent an mediocre? Or do I find out what my gifts, and talents REALLY are?...

NOT what other people say they are, But what I know is. (And don't say you don't have any, because we all do.)

So, if you are done being average. Done feeling sorry for yourself. (What er'e your reasoning be.) Then, get over it. Your past I mean.

I have decided to do so. I have chosen NOT to live in the past.

I have chosen to think of the future with HOPE. To live in today. Tomorrow has enough troubles of it's own... Therefore, let us encourage one another... Even more so as we await His Return.


"Redd"Sonia Sauruk May 25, 2010

Working on a New Static Fuse CD

Hello friends and fans.

I just wanted to let you know that I am busy at work trying to finish up the last tracks for the new Static Fuse album. We hope to have this released by Summer. You can hear a few of the songs that will be on the cd here on this page.

This will be Static Fuse's second released cd. You can purchase our other cd through our official site. www.staticfuse.com

Stay tuned!

Noverim Song Being considered for a Movie Soundtrack!

The Noverim Song, Isaiah 50:10, is being considered for a possible movie soundtrack.Right now, "Indomitable Spirit", is being sent by the playwriter to major movie companies for consideration. We will keep you undated about this opportunity.