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Video Series

We've got 2 new videos on our Youtube page! A performance video for Tightrope and now a Performance and behind the scenes look for our song Intrinsic! Check them out and spread the love! Its all in prep for the new CD the Sound That Silence Makes!


Finally we present...the all new Enstride! Its been months of writing, pre-pro, time int eh studio, filling out the line up and finally it is all finished! Take a look around and check it all out!

New Music = New Energy

Solidifying the new songs for the studio in March. A lot of bands will say "you're not ready for this! New level!" But truly...get ready for an all new Enstride! The old has left the building and the new material is not what you might be expecting! And for the good!

Pre-Pro Started!

So this week we started Pre-Pro. Whats pre-pro? Its way less fancy than it sounds. Its basically recording our songs that we are working on so that we can get an idea of how they sound and where we want to go with them. Its a rough version of recordings before you spend all that time and money in the studio doing the same thing. So we got together with our buddy RedBeard and started laying down some of our ideas. And wow are they heavy! This is a side of Enstride you haven't heard yet! Dont worry we still have our catchy melodic parts, but our riffs got lower and harder! We are super stoked on where we are going with them and really excited for you all to hear them soon! More to come!

A few changes...

Its been awhile since we've been on here and if you've been here before yourself you may notice a few changes. Some songs may be missing, and images you haven't seen before are up in place of old ones. Its been long overdue for this overhaul. So enjoy the new stuff because there is plenty more on its way!