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Catching Up with Myrcenary - Mini-Interview

This month we sat down with someone from some publication or another, or maybe it was just a wandering soap salesman who never asked us to shut up when he sat down next to us on a Waffle House bar stool at a truck stop near Route 33 outside of Jolson Smokes, pop. 1,100....

Q. (There wasn't really a question. We just started talking, and we probably just imagined the rest of the interview questions, but whatever.) -

A. Seems like just years ago we were producing songs and making albums and such.

Q. You took a break or something? -

A. We took a lot of things. Mostly right turns at Albuquerque.

Q. Did you eat at Anita's there? -

A. We did, indeed. We even got the side-order of screaming meemies. It was an all-night party.

Q. But you're not making music now? -

A. No. Now, we're enjoying this lovely Libby's Patty Melt with hash browns and Teamonade.

Q. So you haven't written any new songs in the past few years? None at all? -

A. Oh, songs started to be sketched here and there, but then, you know .... Netflix.

Q. So you haven't been inspired lately, I guess is what you're saying? -

A. Inspiration is for wusses. Caffeine and smokes and relatively clean strippers are all we need, but, you know .... the economy.

Q. What have you been doing in the studio in the meanwhile then? -

A. We moved most of the studio to a closet to make room for the coloring books and ashtrays. Oh, and the digital studio died a couple years ago. We lost our obsolete software and we really don't like to learn new things.

Q. So you don't want to continue to make music and, perhaps, win a music award at some point in the future if you do well? -

A. Music makes itself. But we hope we never win a music award, because, you know .... Kanye.


When you're finished here, Ende has a "Good Times Way Fun Karaoke" thing going on another page, and sometimes it's really funny, and sometimes it's surprisingly decent.... here it is: http://www.reverbnation.com/cockypop

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Studio down-time. Endless amusement....well, not "endless", but relatively time-consuming, perhaps.

Production Is Hard, Man.

We're clearly aware of some of the volume discrepancies and such on the track list. However, what one must understand is that we are not professional music producers. We are singer/songwriters and ersatz musicians. However, when one is forced to be autonomous, one does the best She can. You will likely notice that all of the tracks from the album "[revolution]" are normalized to the same volume. However, the independent tracks vary in volume and mix and this is a result of our amateur production skills, hardware replacements, studio changes, and a sh*t case of tinnitus. At any rate, we hope these issues are not too distracting for you to enjoy the music, ask questions, and get involved in the Myrcenary movement. Groove on. ~