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Professor Gall CD Release in Seattle, July 26th!

Come join us for the much anticipated CD release show in Seattle! Joining us on the bill is Robert Rial and the Bakelite 78 and Hernandez Hideaway! It gets a little complicated and paradoxical with Professor Gall, even starting with the name. It’s the man, it’s the band, it’s maybe even an idea and a style unto itself. Solid jazz and rock players who concoct a studied, experienced, audacious New Orleans vibe - but one that’s been twisted into a nightmarish fever dream (DT’s perhaps) - playing songs with lyrics forged by psychology and philosophy. The band has been embraced by the exploding Steampunk subculture, with Professor Gall a mainstay of Steampunk festivals around the country, but there’s nothing gimmicky or flash-in-the-pan about the band. “We were doing our thing, then the label got attached to us. Whatever gets more people listening, it’s totally fine,” says leader Professor Gall (aka Drew Norman). Professor Gall has completed a third album, titled “Magnetic Roots” (previous albums include “Intravenous Delusions” and “The Psychology of Booze & Guilt”) and is hosting a CD release show July 26th at the Conor Byrne in Ballard.

In typically paradoxical style, Professor Gall has defined “Magnetic Roots” on the inside CD cover as “the extreme connection and/or lack of connection to nature, cities and each other while unconsciously influenced by the pull and push of magnetic fields.”

MAGNETIC ROOTS * Engineered & Mixed by Kristopher White, The Map Room * Drew Norman – Vocals, guitar, Banjo, Stompbox, Lap Steel, Organ, Resonator Slide * Scott Johnston – Saxophone * Monte Skillings – Trombone * Sean Hudson – Bass * John Stewart – Drums * Andrew Alikhanov – Clarinet * Tricia Beck – Vocals * George Turner – Cello * Mark Chervin – Trumpet

Professor Gall opens for Eric Stern's CD Release


Umbrella Festival in Portland, April 6th, 7th and 8th

Friday the 6th, with Professor Gall and Vagabond Opera, Saturday the 7th with Strangled Darlings and the Stolen Sweets, at the 8th with Wanderlust Circus Alberta Rose Theater

Professor Gall's spring touring

June 12th, Conor Bryne's ,Seattle ,WA June 17th, Cosmic Pizza, Eugene, OR June 18th, The Space, Salem, OR June 19th , The White Eagle, Portland ,OR