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Monday, May 12 - final installation - it was a BIG week!

Sunday - ...but we made up for it yesterday by starting out at the Redwood Inn with Sandra Horse, Suzanne O'Keefe, Peggy, Debra, Heather Waters (www.heatherwaters.com) and the Gilkyson family for Mike Stinson's Mother's Day set. He was joined by Tony Gilkyson (www.myspace.com/tonygilkyson) on guitar and new friend, Craig, on drums.

Q re-acquainted herself with Joe, who books nights there (www.myspace.com/theredwoodbar) and introduced herself to Hillbilly Jeff, who books the Americana Brunch (www.myspace.com/samsbrunchfoodmusic) in the hopes that you will be able to catch us down there sometime soon! Talk us up - mention our name if you're in any of these venues - it helps!

Clint met us and we headed over to the Echo for Kim Grant's awesome Grand Ole Echo (www.myspace.com/thegrandoleecho) and met Taras Prodaniuk (www.myspace.com/tarasprodaniuk) at the door.

The Cheatin Kind (www.myspace.com/thecheatinkind) was playing - never heard them before and they ROCK! and went out back where we ran into some old friends - these circles keep getting smaller and smaller - and went back inside to hear Sarah Gayle Meech (www.myspace.com/sarahgaylemeech) who was joined by Taras Prodaniuk, our good friend, Aubrey Richmond (www.myspace.com/aubreyrichmondmusic) and pedal steel player Jordan Shapiro (www.myspace.com/shapiro666). WOW - she blew the roof off! What a great show!

We saw friends Suzanne O'Keefe and Bob Woodruff (www.myspace.com/bobwoodruff )there. Q re-introduced herself to Kim Grant, ever the networker, in the hopes that we'll be able to play there someday - that would just be a dream come true! and finally left to stop by our friend's Funky Jenn for beers and guitar pull.

What an awesome way to end the week - Jenn, Heather, Stefani, Jill and Aubrey, plus Jason, Sam (www.myspace.com/spsociety), Bobby Joyner (www.myspace.com/bobbyjoynerandthesundowners), BCB (www.myspace.com/grievousangel09) and Chris Laterzo (www.myspace.com/chrislaterzo).

These are my favorite days....

Monday, May 12th (cont'd)

Thursday - we hoofed it up to Ventura on a beautiful afternoon to play Hi-Cees, (www.hiceesbbq.com) a picturesque little grill in the old Harbor. We played early so we got a beautiful view and sunset over the course of the night!

We lost Don Teschner that night, which is always sad, but were very happy to welcome Johnny Hawthorn, (www.myspace.com/johnnyhawthorn) lap steel player extraordinaire, to the fold. He's played with us a few times before and we LOVE IT!

We made some new friends, including a fabulous young vocalist, Shasta Downing, who serenaded us with Landslide and a Shania Twain song who's title I forgot presently. Look out f or her, folks, because she sings beautifully and is already developing her online presence. Her stage presence, well that's already there!

The folks at Hi-Cees, Greg and Joan and Kathy, invited us back for Thursday June 4th and are excited about getting the word out there. They've got a bit of a promotional plan of attack including hitting the riding hot spots, tack shops and western wear stores and what not, so spread the word and let's help these folks keep us coming back!

Friday - we were back at our old friends Joxer Daly's (joxerdalys.net) in Culver City and MAN was that a good show! WE ROCKED! and our dear friend Sandra got the videos to prove it! of course, it'll take about a month before i can figure out how the @#$% to get them up on youtube, but stay tuned because i WILL be making that announcement soon...

We made more new fans and saw old ones we hadn't seen in a while - Dana!, and keyboardist, Steve F'dor - Carlin and Fieron Santos, Claire, Mehaul and Hugh at the bar, Bobby and Mark, and newest member of our advisory team, technical wiz-kid, Michael Nussbaum. He's promised me technical aptitude by mid-summer. we'll see if he's that powerful - blogs, ecommerce sites, uploading videos, he's promising the moon and we're prepared to hold him to it - Q&WOW have GOT to get into the 21st Century...

Well, Clint and I didn't leave Joxer's til about 5 in the morning so needless to say, not much was done on Saturday night...

Monday May 12th - the week in review

Wow - what an awesome week!

so here it is, the week in review...

Sunday - we picked up the master from our friend, Jack Lancaster, who was doing his regular Sunday hang @ the Cat & the Fiddle with a colorful assortment of personalities, including our good friends Anita Mansfield of Anita and the Yanks (www.myspace.com/anitaandtheyanks) and Bryan Dobbs, also of Anita and the Yanks, and our illustrious engineer/mixer/co-producer.

Monday - Jess and Q spent the day finishing up the artwork and WOW wait 'til you see it! She did SUCH a beautiful job. And Casey (C. Cannon - 29 Mules) looked over our shoulders to compliment as well. Casey and Xavi (www.myspace.com/greenbeanxavier)had an interview that night for an internet radio station, so be sure to catch up with them @ www.myspace.com/29mules to check it out!

Tuesday - Q headed out to Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance with Sandra Horse to see our great friend, King Cotton, and his Ruff Stock Outfit which includes our very own Don Teschner, except not on fiddle so much, but lead guitar(!), and everyone's favorite percussionist, Mike Tempo, among others....

It was a great night and we ran into Eddie Baytos and the Nervis Brothers (www.myspace.com/cheneddie) serving up a little taste of the Bayou with Mark Indictor on fiddle, Vince Tividad on Bass and our friend, Tom Filman on drums.

We also ran into friends, Maynor Villanueva, (www.myspace.com/maynorvillanueva) of the Texicali Drifters (www.myspace.com/texicalidrifters), Bliss Bowen of Americana Roots LA (www.myspace.com/americanarootsla) and Chris Lawrence, (www.myspace.com/chrislawrencetwang) pedal steel player and man-about-town. We caught up with Harry Orlove, Billy Watts and Dave Raven, (myspace.com/davidraven) who make up the House Band for Ronnie Mack and met Simone, Raven's daughter, and friend, singer/songwriter Alana from Hawaii.

Judah and Chris who run El Cid's, (www.elcidla.com) reaffirmed their invitation to Q & the WOW Band to set up a night there in the near future, so look for us playing on the Eastside soon - this time a whole night of country music with friends!

We made new friends Peter Roman (sonnets4hire@yahoo.com) who played earlier and Jonny of 213 Entertainment (www.2one3entertainment.com) who is promoting a Spazmatics night @ El Cid's Friday May 22nd. If you haven't see this guys, do yourself a favor - check them out. they are hilarious and VERY entertaining!

Sandra and I left their and flew downtown to try to catch Mike Stinson (myspace.com/stinsoncountry) for his birthday show but walked in just as he was sounding his last chord...booo for us. But we got to catch up with Dave Gleason (www.myspace.com/davegleasonmusic) and are looking forward to seeing him up in Ventura one of these days!

my EX/my icon status

so apparently i have achieved cult icon status -

and i thought i'd take this opportunity to exploit it - maybe the band will benefit.

i mean, all is fair in love and hollywood, apparently, so thanks for the free publicity!

so my EX, who won't remain nameless, is a 'comedy' writer.

his best friend has a show, My Boys, on TBS about her and her friends, mostly guys. She's a tomboy. Her name, on the show, is PJ

one of these friends of PJ's is modeled after my EX. so closely modeled after him, in fact, that they didn't even bother to change his name - BRANDO

the reasons for our separating i will leave to the reader to determine by reading between the lines.

but let's just say, we had different drives.

so last night, my best friend who has integrity and compassion for her friends and their well-being and who will remain nameless to protect the innocent texted me the following message....

'On my boys tonight PJ chastises Brando for making choices that are bad for him when in walks hot blonde crazy musician in fingerless gloves and puffy down vest who proves to be too much for him in bed'

Finally - i've been commemorated in the great wasteland of hollywood's repertoire....

i feel like i've arrived

and yes, it's true.

i am a musician.

for reals.