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New jam/writing session videos online!

Thanks to all of you for being so patient with the next album we are busy writing as we speak as well as preparing for when we return to playing live! So for the mean time here are two videos.

Tom & Tom



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Sarpanitum Seek Live/Session Drummer!

Sarpanitum are searching for a drummer to play live shows with the band throughout as soon as soon as possible, shows in 2011.

We are looking for someone who is familiar with our material with a some live show experience. Applicants must have their own drum breakables, triggers and be able to travel to the Midlands/Birmingham to rehearse on a minimum of a fortnightly basis. They must also be a resident of the UK and hold a full passport if they are hoping to potentially play over seas.

Applicants must send a link to a video (preferably) or send an audio recording in mp3 format of them playing the song "Ascending the divine" then, to message us through either our MySpace or FaceBook page.

Alternatively please email to this address


Best of luck!


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Sarpanitum Wellcome Luke Archer

This time some good news from the Sarpanitum camp, we are happy to announce that ex-Visions Through Hate guitarist Luke Archer is now playing live guitars for Sarpanitum and may appear and contribute towards the upcoming Sarpanitum album!

Luke has been hard at work familiarising himself with the earlier material and now preparing his live act, stay tuned for gigs!

Cheers Sarpanitum!

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Mark & Sean Broster no longer in Sarpanitum


Hello all,

Sarpanitum has unfortunately parted ways with Mark and Sean "Brutal" Broster. As most of you are aware, Mark and Sean have played many of the live shows and both contributed greatly to the drumming on "Despoilment of Origin" and towards organizing and performing the live shows. Despite Mark and Sean's great contribution to the band they have needed to focus on developing there careers during the Sarpanitum hiatus from December 2008 until recently in July 2010 and amicably agreed that they no longer have enough time for the band or to commit to any live shows at present.

Sarpanitum are still on very good terms with the Broster brothers who have also contributed some promising material for the next Sarpanitum record.

Sarpanitum express there deepest thanks to the Broster's for the great times and brutality they have shared with us.



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