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This Morning

We have journeyed together through the night Dried each other’s tears Kept and broken each other’s Confidence Learned of our own and each others Personalities and divinity Strengths and challenges We have in the safety of what we have built together Shared and nurtured the desires of our hearts We have done the work there was to do Only to find it is a practice of allowing And so keeping with that We have let the dawn break And we are witness To the light we are It is morning and This morning We continue the journey within This morning We mine the gems that we brought We move mountains This morning We not only give sight We cultivate vision This morning we Vibrate higher we Find ourselves in possession of that Which is greater than the circumstances that surround us This morning We stand at an opened door and Our two eyes are fixed On the third focused clearly On The Presence This morning We are present Bearing our gifts boldly As our hearts Bear boldly through our personality This morning We believe All God has told us About ourselves This morning The son rises within us all And we are one Inconsistencies in tow This morning Our burdens are light as the sky That is reflecting the sea of wealth Within This morning Unlike any other Yet just like every other We have discovered Ourselves through Each other We have been blessed to witness All that God Is in ourselves and each other This morning We Rise in Richness And Shine like diamonds This morning And facing imminent change We do so with a hopefulness that comes from Having made it through many nights We embrace ourselves This morning With the comfort of knowing We created this And all that is Is God All God is Is Love So as the tide of life ebbs and flows Taking some And leaving others We stand wherever we find our feet planted And Bloom in the Truth That we have uncovered Together And for as long as we have mornings We have each other. And so we celebrate.