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We are busy working away on our album or albums so to speak. Below is the track listing for the first Parabelle effort. It's a yin and yang so to speak but we're not gonna talk about what the ying is or what the yang is. This is an independent release so we're working on in store distribution but for the time being we will be just doing an online release, itunes as well as some other kind physical online cd store to buy an actual cd. It's two albums for the price of one. We're also going to prep for a cd release tour to specific markets where people might come out and rock out with us. We're aiming for the end of June to do all this. If a label comes around we may re-think this but for now this is the deal. We'll let you all know when the actual release date is as soon as we nail it down. The album should be done in May at the rate we're going so stay tuned.... Peace to all... A SUMMIT BORDERLINE 1. PRAY TO THE PESSIMIST 2. FIRST 3. ATONEMENT 4. FACE THIS CHARADE 5. HE STARTED OFF WELL 6. TERRIFIED (GET ME OUT ALIVE) 7. WHORE 8. THE CONVERSATION ENDS 9. WHEN THE LAST WORDS ARE SIGHS 10. A SUMMIT BORDERLINE A DROP OCEANIC 1. BLUR 2. STAY CLOSE 3. BOTHER 4. (I WAS TOLD TO) NEVER LET YOU GO 5. MADE OF 6. IN MY SOUL 7. PUPPET ON A STRING 8. WHORE (REPRISE) 9. ETERNITY'S BEHIND 4 HOURS 10.A DROP IN THE OCEAN