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New Album Title & Release Date News

This past weekend we received the final mastered tracks for the new album. Ironically, we received them on the same day we decided to scrap the CD packaging design concept we had been working with and change the album title altogether.

Throughout the recording sessions, we anticipated the album title to be "A Chance In Heaven," which is also the title of the opening track. As of about 48 hours ago, I made the decision to change the album title to "Unsung Angels," which means back to the drawing board for the album cover design.

At this point, we are still on schedule for a late-April, early-May release, but there is still a good bit of design work to do before it goes to manufacturing. Once the design is complete and the CD goes off to the manufacturers, I will also be staging the digital release through iTunes, Amazon and other digital retail outlets, as well as digital streaming.

Stay tuned in...