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I am working on my 2nd album now!!

I have three songs finished for the 2nd album. I will be coming out with plenty other songs here and there, hopefully have the album finished in a month or less. I will also be coming out with other instrumentals all the time, just when I feel like sitting down and coming up with a new tune or trying something different. Keep in touch with me either here and I will answer back to ya. Be looking for a lot more Speedbump lately. Once I get this 2nd album finished I will be doing live shows. Wanted to have more material and build up my fan base as much as possible before hand. Take care and keep in touch.


It is a very cool site where you get free prizes that you can get ebay style but you use the points that they give you for free. I have gotten 25 things from them to date which have been in value of over hundreds of dollars and all for just spending time on a great site where I have met lots of friends and listened to some great new music. Check it out...