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Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!


Lol well enough of my singing in 3rd person...it's the Holidays YAAAAAAY! And you know what that means...no, not overcrowded malls (well yes...that too) but time with family! And holiday joy!! I've had a lot of joy lately! Not only have I been able to be home in Colfax for Christmas but I had an amazing time being able to be out here performing! As I said I performed for the Acoustic Christmas show put on by my local Sacramento station KNCI! It was awesome! OH! And guess who I got to meet and hang out with!? LOVE AND THEFT!! Omg yes I know! I was like star-struck...I love their music! And they are the nicest guys! Well, then I got to go down to KNTY The Wolf and go on air at their station and sing my Christmas duet Baby it's Cold Outside live! It was so cool!! And of course what could a Christmas be without a show in Colfax! So I did an acoustic show free of charge for everyone who wanted to come! I had so much fun and my guitar player Adam flew all the way from Nashville for all of it! Thank you Adam!! And IT SNOWED!! YAAAAY!! Like almost 2 feet!! It was CRAZY! It started snowing at night when I fell asleep then BAM! When I woke up it was a beautiful winter wonderland...too bad a few days after it rained and washed it all away...but oh well it was fun while it lasted! I got to go sledding and everything!

Alright so I'm sure a lot of you have seen my vid up on my page talking about the little contest I'm doing for Christmas! The "name the reindeer Emma is!" contest! Well, if you haven't please go watch it and comment me with your vote!! Whoever wins will have their name mentioned in a blog I will be writing Christmas Eve!! Come on everyone WHO AM I!!!

Well, everyone have a GREAT Holiday season! My favorite part is making Christmas treats ;D

Bye everyone!

3 Emma

Wow a minute to catch my breath!!

Hey Everybody!!!!!

I hope you have all had a great week?? I apologize for not being on my space that much this past week but I was out on the road on a radio tour and I just couldn't find any time to get on this dang computer!! It was an awesome week for me but I have to admit I am a little bit tired.........lol.........and I have to get up and leave again tomorrow...but I am NOT complaining...Nope I will be waiting by the curb tomorrow with bells on and be ready to go!! I got some great pictures that I am going to post on my space later on tonight before we head out again tomorrow...We got great response from the radio stations..!! Oh btw have I told you my choice for my second single release?? Do you all wanna know?? ok ok............I won’t keep it a secret*giggle*................"With You"..........ohhhhhhhhhhh it is an awesome song!!! I just know you will all love it as much as I do...........I want to take a second to thank all of you who gave input on the choice for my second release and Yes, "Say A Prayer" is an awesome song too and you will see that come out as well......but for now , Lets start with "With You"....I think in my last blog I said I was going to explain "Anime" to all of you but I am going to take a rain check on that this week cause I really want to have my head about me when I explain it......I really want you all to understand what it is and I think I am just a little bit tired to do that right now..but I promise I will do it very soon...Tomorrow I leave to Detroit and places in that direction......last week I was in Tennessee and North and South Carolina and Georgia !! The radio folks were all so very nice and made me feel right at home !! I even got in a Golf lesson and had a great massage....yeah so what the heck am I complaining about huh?? I got NO complaints!! OH oh for Ashley, I will be in St Louis the week after next........ I will send you the station I will be on.....!! Ok everybody I need to go re pack and I will talk to you all very soon!! I hope you are all healthy and having a great time living life!!

Emma Mae

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