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Working Away. All quiet on the Mid-Western Front.

Well, It been pretty quiet lately...

Alot more quiet than any of us would like, but there is good reason and it will all pay off.

The past couple months have been a whirlwind. The combination of Jobs, myself getting a couple drum tech tours, and everyday life have made us neglect the things we love most... Music.

Now that doesn't mean we've been on the couch eating cheetos and ring-dings. Here is what we promise to you in the near future:

-New EP with 4 brand new songs and the two we have been whoring out online (Born to Suffer and With Devils Speed) Its currently in the mastering process.


-New merch!

-Our Best Songs to date

I'll keep you guys posted, and we will try to delight your faces to no end with the new goodies.

-Brian Leh

Updates 1/09/2011

Hey There All,

Here are some recent and not-so-recent updates:

-Our Full Length Album "Aalakaa" is available on Itunes and Cdbaby

-Can check out any Video Updates at youtube.com/aotfmetal

-We have a Twitter account. Follow us at Artoftheflesh (that's soo metal)

-We are Beginning pre-production for our next E.P. Some of the material has been posted.

We'll Keep you posted!

Brian Leh

Art of the Flesh