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New year, new album!

It is the last day of February. I always feel that at the beginning of March, it is the start of a new season. Out with the old and in with the new! Soon there will be daffodils, blossom on the trees and spring greens at the market. Along with these spring treats, there is something else that I hope will be coming out of hiding in the next few weeks....

My new album has been in progress for s few months now and I have officially moved it to the very top of my priorities. It is something which I feel has developed a lot as it has progressed and also reflects the changes that have occurred in me and my life too over this time. In any case I am positive it will be a special and personal achievement which I cannot wait to share with you.

After a very successful recording session in Memphis last year, I have some plans to make some tracks in Pennsylvania very soon, to complete the record, and work is happening as I type on the cover design. It will be a collaborative effort between many very special people in my life and I am already very proud.

Well, I am off to plant a bulb to welcome in this new season (and maybe have a nibble of some chocolate in anticipation of the easter bunny's arrival!)

Happy spring! A.xx

Exciting plans!

Hello! Happy Spring. Things are looking up and I am really excited about the next couple of months. Inspiration is flowing like sweet honey and so writing music is making me especially happy right now. Plans are being put into place to record this new material, both right here in Williamsburg, and further afield in Tennessee over the summer. I am going to be playing, working and collaborating with some awesome musicians which I am very privileged to be doing, and I can't wait to share the results with you all. I also have some gigs coming up out of town - Pennsylvania and Connecticut here I come! Watch this space for details and updates on upcoming shows.

Oh - and please feel free to check out my website when you have a moment. Music downloads will very soon be available to purchase...

Thanks for your continuing support.

May your day be happy and bright! Anna.Xx