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Back to my Roots

Gigs have been booked, and gigs have been cancelled. Places closing down, people losing interest, and a general apathy running amok on the planet. Rising above that is the key, and those that can, need to start helping those that are in the unfortunate position of not being able to at the moment. It takes a village and all that stuff.

I really do enjoy composing and playing and a rut has set in. I am wide open to a manager or agent at this point in my career. Life comes at us in waves and we really find ourselves under water one moment, and above water the next. This is what builds our story, so learn from the past and present chapters in your life so that you are able to write something really interesting and beautiful in the next chapter.

Rince and repeat for each chapter of your life. Do this so that when you reach the end of your book on this plance, people will want to read it. I believe I am doing just that. I just show up and see what happens, pen in hand.



Enjoying the journey.

I am really enjoying this new journey into my music. I miss my beautiful boy, but he has other plans and this is very evident in my renewed passion for the music and the songs that I am writing.

Please leave me some mail and chack out our show when you get a chance.

"You may say I am a dreamer...."