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Festival Time is Upon Us

Edinburgh is absolutely buzzing in August with so much going on due to it being festival season. Playing in the bars at this time can be good fun as there is generally a real party feel. For some musicians it is full on and they gig non stop day and night which can be pretty tiring but the rewards (and I don't just mean monetary) can be well worth it. As I am not a full time musician I can relax a bit more and just enjoy my usual gigs as well as going to some of the great sessions we have here. To anyone out there in Edinburgh for August, have a great time either performing or listening.

Fedruary and solo's will turn to duos!

Here we are into February already and I am about to play my 3rd solo gig since my Robertsons Court in Session partner Gordon 'Oz' Kingsford-Smith headed down under to spend some time with family. He returns on 18th Feb with time to get over the jet lag ready for our gig on Saturday 21st February and I am looking forward to his return as he brings so much fun to our gigs.

A New and positive year

Having worked hard throughout the second half of 2014 I have come into the New Year with enthusiasm and positive thoughts. Being able to perform again has really brought home to me how lucky I am to have this opportunity again and I am planning to maximise it in the best way I can. Plans are also being formulated to make some recordings (updates to follow). Gordon 'Oz' Kingsford-Smith has joined me once more on Bass and we have just finalised regular gigs at The Hebrides Bar, Edinburgh through to July this year. Thanks to everyone who has given me continued support

Retuned and Gigging

Having suffered badly with a condition known as Diplacusis or double hearing, I had to give up playing in October 2012. This was devastating to me and I found it quite difficult to accept. But now I am back playing solo and also with my old sparring partner and Bass player Gordon 'Oz' Kingsford Smith. Gigs will be posted over the coming weeks.

What does the future hold?

I have spent the last few months trying to cope with hearing problems and although I have still been gigging I have had to cancel most of my acoustic gigs. I had hoped to be back on track this week but that faded with the realisation that I just cannot link voice to the music due to "Double hearing" this means I hear at a different pitch in each ear!! Thankfully I can still do my plugged gigs at the moment. But for how long?????

New direction

I have recently joined forces with Alan Reid, a Poet / Songwriter, to go off in a completely new direction. We have developed an Indie entertainment show and recently completed a run of preview gigs in preperation for performances at this years Edinburgh Fringe festival. During April we will be filming a series of shows for broadcasting. Why not check us out at www.robertsonreid.org.uk

Things are on the up

Since returning to Edinburgh last August things have been pretty tight with no work and only the odd gig here and there, however things are getting better. Start a new job this week, got a regular gig on Saturdays in the Royal Oak, Playing in The Grey Horse Balerno a couple times a month and waiting to hear about some other possible gigs. I am also doing some recording at the moment. Keeping the fingers crossed