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Deep Fryed Mojo takes the backburner to 'Acoustic Mojo'

Well, in Tahoe it's the slow season...Deep Fryed Mojo has no shows booked for a while while we search for a new Bass player. That's okay though, since we've been playing a bunch as our alter-ego, 'Acoustic Mojo'. As some folks might already know we formed as an acoustic electric band, and then morphed into the Jam band- Deep Fryed Mojo. The cool thing is that we still love to simplify things and play acoustic shows. A much much intimate style that allows us to just relax and go (unplugged) You can check out these shows every Friday night at the Flight Deck restaurant, in the South Lake Tahoe airport at 7:00pm. These all ages shows are truly fun and way more chillin! Hope to see you at a show soon! ...Mojo

Frustration of a Musician...

Well, I have'nt blogged in quite awhile...since last summer in fact. Things have changed a bit since then. Deep Fryed Mojo started out as a five piece ensemble. Then after a couple of years trying to make it work with our original bass player. We all decided that we'd had enough. It just wasn't working... I'm guessing this is the story of so many bands...and, in reality, it was a very similar split that was portrayed in the movie with Mark Walberg, (Rockstar). It became a bitter split. And we guess he's still holding a grudge as far as we can tell...enough said Anyhow, we tried to find another bass player, and found a young kid on craigslist that played very well. (Turned out to be a huge flake)... So Darren stepped up to the plate and began playing bass. We are now a quartet, and the music is much more precise and the groove locks in like butter! Problem though now, is finding gigs. We are not sure,but I myself have a suspicion that disgruntled ex-member is spreading bad juju about us, and it seems to be to be getting hard to lock in gigs in our home area. Anyhow, that might just be me being paraniod...aaarrrg! Thus I am a frustrated musician...Oh well ;-0

Debut new song at the Lakedside Inn & Casino

Rolled into Lakeside early, but sat there for awhile waiting for the rest of the band...One huge drag about the knee surgery is that I really cant carry much at all. Darren arrived next, but didnt realize I was sitting the cab of my truck...he eventually found me, & we started the load in. The rest of the group had just begun arriving as well I'm guessing that very few non-musicians realize how much work is involved in setting up a full rock band. And I know for sure that most venue owners have no idea either. For Deep Fryed Mojo, the set-up time has grown to about 90 minutes of non-stop roadie action. And I've begun to realize that anything above & beyond the normal set-up proceedure, is out of the question...Like changing broken strings, or hanging up the brand new banner...Which, I must say, turned out awesome! Thanks Mike Miller ( Rise Disigns) & Steve Smith! You guys Rock! Another issue is the sound check phase... This night we didnt have Eric Schwartz, who has started help us w/ sound. So Mitch had to take on that roll, and we used an easy original,(Goldy Locks. Which is a jazzy blues progression while Mitch walked out front, and worked the sound... Mitch seemed to take a bit longer tonight, which for me was frustrating, and left us hanging the song out longer than I wanted... Finally, the sound check was complete, and we had mitch back on keys...Four songs into the set we broke out a brand new original, 'River Queen', to a huge success! a bunch of folks got up to dance, and there was resounding applause at the completion of the song! It was sweet, and fun night! Though we were hopeing for a better turn-out. What can you do??? You try to advertize the show as much as possible, but if the venue doesnt do any promoting, it tends to leave a huge hole in the promotion side of things...Oh well, such is the life of a musician/band...Got home as the sun was coming up...Arrrggg! ;- ) See ya next time. Peace...D

The 'Knothole" Party in the foothills!

We feel we really gained some fans, and grew our brand last night, when we played a party at the General store in SlyPark/Pollock Pines for the first time. And bonus!we've already been called to go back down, and play a show at Los Hermanos, a very popular restaurant and cantina, which is just off the Sly Park Exit in Pollock Pines. It was a really fun show! And we were stoked to pull out some brand new material for the first time..."Back of the Bus", an original written by yours truly, was introduced after a "Marmalade"/ "The Other One"/ "BirdSong" sound-check opener. We also played "All Time Low" by W.S.P. "Ophelia" by "The Band" and "West La Fadeaway" by the Grateful Dead, all brand new songs in the Deep Fryed Mojo's repetoire. Also played was "Breakdown" a song about a man who's down on his luck, and robbs a bank, gets caught, but eventually gets out of prison... digs up the loot that he stole, and disappears to Mexico! This is a strong blues driven number that the 'Mojo' hadn't played in front of a crowd in a very long time...The folks loved it!..especially the Bikers in the crowd. ;- ) Another first was the hundreds of glow sticks that began flying through the air in the dark as the crowd broke out into what looked like a massive snowball fight... only with glow sticks! As far we know no-one caught one in the eye...which is a good thing! Cheers!...D