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Stations playing Decypher

Turbo and Scorpion - www.bullspikeradio.com/

RSG Bella - www.rockstarsglued.com

Lucia Maria Piccolino - www.rokoutradio.com

Ultimate Jamz Radio

The Indy Authority: www.theindieauthority.com/listenlive/

Jim Santora Show - www.shmusicmedia.com/

Beau Hill Featured Decypher on his Website

Review From Beau Hill January 22, 2014 at 1:06pm

Hi Guys A friend of mine from KEGL radio sent me a link to your site...WOW, I certainly wasn't expecting this...!! ! I'm listening to your music right now.........I like what you're doing ... Great material, and I dig Mike's vocal approach , very stylistic ( which is code for “Damn, you’re good ..!!” : ) .......I really like ’Father'.....Killer arrangement...there is some serious musical brainpower in this one..!! EXCELLENT SONG..!! From Beau Hill....

A few days later...Beau Remixed our Track "One Last Day" ...you can listen to a snippet here on Beau's official Web Page....http://beauhillproductions.com/index.php/site/disc_new

105.7 The Hawk

Coming up on the weekend of May 16 to the 18th, Seaside Heights will rock with an exciting festival that has something for everyone!

From the Jersey Shore Festival facebook page:

The Jersey Shore Festival is a 3-day music, arts, and action sports festival in Seaside Heights, NJ! The 2nd annual event will host your favorite local and visiting bands for an eclectic weekend of live music. Take a break from the music to enjoy the Local Artist Showcase, Vendor Village, Classic Car Show and BMX Stunt Shows!

The festival kicks off at 6 pm on Friday, May 16th and starts at noon on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th, and it’s free!

My friend, Donn Parent, told me about the festival; his band, Decypher will be there….check them out on their facebook page!

You can also visit Decypher on their website.

Decypher is raising awareness about suicide prevention and you can help spread the word about this silent epidemic..

Listen to a moving tribute to someone who lost their battle with suicidal depression in a Decypher video below.


Decypher hits Radio

It is nice to know that all of our hard work is paying off. We are being played throughout The U.S., England, Italy, Croatia and Japan. Our shows are being added as we prepare to record a full length CD with our Engineer Bob Bowling. It's getting pretty exciting over here as we have won a few Battles on the SH Music Channel as well. Our fan base is gaining as we roll on. We appreciate all of our fans Worldwide.

EP Release

the EP is available on iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/decypher/id650066098

Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness month...And with that said Decypher will be doing events for Autism in May to keep the word alive. Come out and support us as we give back.... Check our Events for info.

EP Update

Well the EP is finished... Headed to Mastering... While we wait the shows are growing.... We will be playing the Rho Waterfront, Trenton,NJ for Autism Speaks along with Red Lamb(DanSpitz/Anthrax) and some Friends... We will hit Atalntic city in support of Autism as well... Look for our Dates at Six Flags coming soon

Studio Update

Getting Ready to Lay the Final vocal Tracks down for the Tracks.... We can't wait to unveil them to you... Stay tuned for updates on Mixing, Mastering and Release date...We are aiming for the First Week of April


Well it looks like it's time to hit the studio with our Buddy Bob Bowling at the controls. We are planning on beating this storm and getting there before it unleashes it's wrath. Hurricane Sandy put a damper on our first attempt. We promise to beat this one before it sidetracks us. We are planning on giving you the first 5 singles we will release to radio. Up are the Rockers "Walk Away" and "Father" along with 2 Melodic Rockers for mainstream "1 Last Day" and "So Long"...and last but not least "High" a fan favorite and our most Radio friendly track. Wish us well and let's Rock this stuff. Stay tuned to our facebook for studio updates....stay safe.

Blog For End of January

Well the first month comes to a close... Decypher is headed into February full steam. We are hitting the studio Feb. 9th to start on the "New" Decypher recordings.. The First with the New lineup. It will begin our new surge forward. We are all stoked and Ready to take 2013 by storm. We Thanks everyone for Following us on all networks. Keep sharing us with your friends. We appreciate it and will try to give you all something Special .....