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Review of CD... Once Upon a Time.. in the Heart (CD Baby)

My favorite songs are Mexican Nights, because it tangles you in the rythm right from the start and you can't get yourself out of it til the end. Then, i quite like The Loving Touch because i find it very romantic. it's the perfect song to make love on :) the lyrics are so gentle.  i like Prince on Paper for the nostalgia the melody brings to me, probably because it echoes something in me. What if I Said is in the same style. It's the kind of song i like to listen when the sun  starts to go down and everything seems peaceful around you. I like Righteous Man for the pleasure you get to sing along and its rythm. And finally, i like Amélie, because it reminds me of my sister, called Amélie !   So, you see, in the end, i couldn't get myself to choose one and only favourite song. I think there is one song that fits one moment of your life or your day everytime, whether it is by its lyrics that echoes something deep inside of you and makes the emotion flow, or its melody, with for example everytime i hear the saxophone which is one of my favourite instruments, or its rythm that makes you dance.   In the end, i think i have a little preference for your 1st CD, but i think it's because i have lots of good memories on it. Your first one is also very emotional. But i'm sure in some time, when i have created a few memories on your second one, i won't be able to say which one i prefer. This is what happens with great artists, they surprise you every time more, and at the end, you're very embarrassed as you can't answer the question thats asked, which album is your favourite.   I remember being in my car with my dad and the song "What if I Said" came on air. I had stopped the car on a side of the road to show my dad a very beautiful landscape. It was sunset and  the song fit the moment, perfectly. We just stayed and admired the view and didn't pronounce any word. Just enjoyed the moment, with your song. That is a memory that will stick in my mind for a very long time i think. And everytime i listen to this song, i think about my dad.