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What to do when you're not famous

Two years ago a producer told me (after listening to my demo tape), that I was not 15 years old, and I didn't have my TV show. This was his *kind* way telling me that I was "unmarketable" -- whatever the hell that is.

But he did tell me that I could choose the "Working Man's Model," which basically is this: you live out of your car, play shows all over the country (or in laundromats), and schlep your CDs and merchandise where you can.

That's fine and all, except I don't have a car. So I'm thinking about the TV show option. Sure, why not? Why does being 15 and having your own TV show be dependent on one or the other?

Or even having tunes on other people's TV shows is definitely an option. I can say that I have purchased music after hearing them on shows such as "Lie to Me," "CSI," and "Bones" (in fact, I only started watching "Bones" because of the opening theme song.

I've thought of some cool concepts for shows that aren't hinged on playing my music and my friends' music (actually, that's a lie -- I would LOVE to do a variety show with my friends)."

I would like my TV show to be loosely based on my life -- meaning something tragically hiLLARious, and probably based on being Mexican and Jewish, and having absolutely no street cred because of it. And with skits of Hipster Low riders in the Mission District of San Francisco (imagine scooters with hydraulics and panda hats cholo style).

The problem with any TV show, and especially a variety show, is coming up with something new every week (because that's what weekly means). Maybe I'll just move to somewhere in the U.K. where the TV "season" is only 3 episodes. That may make it easier for artists like me who aren't known for being incredibly prolific (although I'm sure that I *would* be if I had my own TV show).

I'm still working on this and will let you know how it goes.