Our 5th album is released, and a new website!!!

AFTERLIFE is proud to announce the release of our fifth album, BRAVE NEW WORLD. It was released on December 12, 2016. It contains 16 brand new original songs. It is our most ambitious album to date. It is available on CD and digital download format from a variety of locations including CD-Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

We also have CDs for sale locally in Carrollton, GA at the following locations: B2K Music music store The Vinyl Frontier record store Pippin Music Academy

Were also proud to announce we finally have our own official AFTERLIFE website:


First Three Albums RE-Released!!!!

For the first time in over 20 years, our first three albums are being released again on CD. This is the first time every they've been available on CD. Our first album "The Frozen Sun" originally came out in 1988. The second album, "The Awakening", was first released in 1990, and our third album "Curtain Call" the following year in 1991. We've gone back and done a minor remastering to correct some speed issues that were present when we digitized the tracks a few years back, and we've also edited the spacing between songs to eliminate some long gaps between songs. Other than that, the original sound remains intact, just the way it was on the original cassette releases back during 1988-1991. If you're in the Carroll County area, you can get the CDs from Ballew's Music in Carrollton, or you can go on eBay and buy them there. A third option is to contact the band directly, on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/afterliferock We're selling the CD's at the exact same price we sold the original cassettes for. $5.00. And if you order from eBay or direct off our facebook page, you get free shipping!

Past Shows

SOME OF THE PLACES AFTERLIFE PLAYED (not comprehensive) Date / Time (if known): ClubName: Fri. July 1, 1988 Ramada Inn (Humane Soc. Benefit) Tue. Apr 25, 1989 9pm Bradley’s Fri. July 7, 1989 Bradley’s Sat. July 8, 1989 Bradley’s Thur. Aug 31, 1989 930 pm Bradley’s Fri. Sept 1, 1989 930 pm Bradley’s Thur. Sept 21, 1989 9 pm Good Ole Days Thur. Sept 28, 1989 Bradley’s Sat. Oct 7, 1989 1130 pm Club Rio Thur. Oct 12, 1989 Bradley’s Thur. Dec 7, 1989 Avondale Towne Cinema Thur. Dec 28, 1989 Bradley’s Fri. Dec 29, 1989 Bradley’s Sat. Dec 30, 1989 Bradley’s Fri. Jan 26, 1990 Wreck Room Mon. Jan 29, 1990 Bradley’s Fri. Feb 2, 1990 Shannon’s in Rome Thur. Feb 8, 1990 Avondale Towne Cinema Mon. Apr 9, 1990 The Point Thur. Apr 26, 1990 930 pm Bradley’s Mon. May 7, 1990 10 pm Little Five Points Pub Mon. May 14, 1990 10 pm The Dot Thur. May 24, 1990 Bradley’s Thur. June 14, 1990 1030 pm Bradley’s Thur. July 12, 1990 Variety Playhouse Mon. July 23, 1990 930pm Bradley’s Sun. July 29, 1990 9 pm 96 Rock (Live Interview/Acoustic Jam) Fri. Aug 3, 1990 The Rock Room Thur. Aug 9, 1990 Avondale Towne Cinema Fri. Sept 21, 1990 The Rock Room Mon. Oct 8, 1990 Bradley’s Sun. Nov 4, 1990 Chameleon Club

Back in the studio

Late January saw AFTERLIFE back in the studio to begin work on the next album. Ice Storms in Georgia, and personal obligations have prevented us from regrouping since then, but we're hoping to get back in there soon, and knock out a few more. So far, we have the rhythm tracks completed for 7 new songs, and we have about twice that many more new songs just waiting to be recorded. It's just a matter of culling through them and selecting the very best. We'll keep you updated!

Sales of the new album "Compass Rose"

"Compass Rose" was released 8 months ago in April 2013. Although it's our fourth album...it's been nearly 22 years since we released an album. Our third album came out in the fall of 1991. This new album has sold surprisingly well considering the extended hiatus we took and the fact that we haven't performed live in well over 22 years. We've had CD and digital distribution all over the US, and in a number of other countries, such as Germany, England, Russia and France. Considering we've never played in any other country, we feel that's a pretty good accomplishment.

We'd like to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who's bought a copy of the CD or downloaded any of the tracks off the new album. We truly appreciate your support, and please, if you like us, spread the word to your friends and anyone you think might also like us. We still have plenty of CD's for sale, and of course the digital versions are pretty much infinite.

We don't do this to make money...in fact, it actually costs quite a lot of money for us to make music these days. We do all this as a labor of love and purely for the art of it. The money we make off the sales of this album will go directly back into making the next album.

We have a lot of new songs written for the next album, and are hoping we can start recording sometimes after the beginning of the year in 2014. Hopefully, by late 2014 or early 2015 we will have another album to present to the world.

Thank you all again...and considering the time of year that it is...we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

COMPASS ROSE has been released!

On April 1st, 2013, AFTERLIFE released their fourth album, titled "Compass Rose". 13 brand new original tracks!

Recording for this album began in October of 2011, and took about a year to complete, then the task of coming up with a name for the album and the graphics for the cover.

But the album is out now, in CD format and also digital downloads on a variety of locations, including CD-Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Rhapshody, NimbitMusic, and a number of other internet locations as well.

We feel this is the best AFTERLIFE album to date, and it shows the band trying a wide range of styles and genres of rock music and other types of music as well. There are a lot of "firsts" for AFTERLIFE on this album, including the use of instruments such as mandolin and violin, and a number of percussive instruments. Also, this album features a lot more backing vocals and keyboards than ever before on any other AFTERLIFE album.

As has always been AFTERLIFE tradition, this album is eclectic. The band does not like to lock themselves into any particular style. But there are always elements within the songs that immediately let you know it's AFTERLIFE, and no one else.

Long time fans will find familiarity, but also should be surprised by some of the new things that AFTERLIFE has brought to this album, and new fans should find plenty to like on "Compass Rose".

AFTERLIFE is already looking forward to getting back together again to begin work on the next album.

Have a listen on here of all the new tracks, and if you find some that you like, please don't hesitate to purchase the CD or downloads. The more you support the band, the more likely it is there will be more new AFTERLIFE for the future.


Hello friends of AFTERLIFE. As you may or may not know, I used to have a studio called CLOCKWORK, which is where "The Awakening" and "Curtain Call" were both recorded in their entirity. After the band break up, I sold off the equipment and abandoned the building the studio was in. Earlier this year, I decided I'd been without a means for recording way too long, so I hit ebay hard. I've put together a newer version of CLOCKWORK, although it's not quite as fancy as the old version. It's more of a project studio, and all in one room upstairs in my house, sharing space with my stereo equipment, and home computer and a few other things. This time, instead of analog reel-to-reel, I've got digital hard drive recorders, and some older vintage outboard gear. Hopefully you will be able to hear some new solo tracks from me in the near future, and if we can get it all together, perhaps some new AFTERLIFE tracks as well. Warren says he has a set of Roland V-Drums (electronic drums) and if I can get him up from Florida with those, I know I can get Jonathan over to record something new. As it stands, using live acoustic drums would probably upset the neighbors, but those V-drums wouldn't be nearly as loud, and can be directly recorded without having to use a lot of microphones...sounds like a viable alternative. If you are interested, you can listen to one new solo track that I put up on myspace... http://www.myspace.com/theoriginalmyth The song is titled "Hypnotic Windsong". It was actually just a test track I was recording to use up all the tracks on the multitrack machine to make sure it was working, but I thought it sounded kinda cool, so I put it up on Myspace. Take a listen if you like and let me know what you think. Keep tuning in here for more updates in the upcoming days.