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Need Fan Support

Hello everyone, my name's Greg and I'm one of the guitarist in OTG which originated out here in Afghanistan. We have many original songs and cover a wide genre of bands but need your support to help promote our music. The recordings we do have and have posted have been done over here in Afghanistan, therefore the quality doesn't give justice to what we sound like live and the potential we have. Your help is appreciated and we'll always remain true to our fans. Thanks Greg OTG

~~STACIEKUBICK~~  (almost 9 years ago)

Hey All, I have heard them play! They really do a fantastic show. Greg's the big muscle guy that plays with sole, Scotty's the singer that has a voice like no other, Joe's the kick ass drummer, and Max does the behind the sceen elecrical majic (and looks kind of like Akon). Really...... check this out they will be a big name someday soon.

Gluper  (almost 9 years ago)

Greg and the boys are the real thing. When they are not working there regular jobs, they are playing music. It provides a break when they play for the soldiers and a way to bring a part of home to Afghanistan.Great music and great group of guys.