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Sugar Rock, are currently working hard on fresh new songs, as well as our usual high energy intention. We're looking to release our new and best album so far within the next couple of months, but will keep you up to date. Marty and Karen SUGAR ROCK

2012 Journey

Well we have survived a few storms, figuratively and metaphorically. The weather seems to match our ride through the nature of the music industry, being what it is today. Sometimes wild, sometimes calm...but always an exciting kind of ride. We named our second album 'Ride Before The Storm' because at times we feel like we are in the eye and sometimes we are just in front of it.

This last year we've had laughter, tears, dancing, fun, new experiences, making a bunch of new friends, musical and non-musical. We've been given so many opportunities and won a couple of contests and placed well in others. We've been asked to appear on a few compilation CDs. We've played at gigs and shared the stage at jam nights. We've been drunk, we've been sober, sometimes it is hard to tell which, especially the next morning. ;)

The most fun memory of this year is easy to choose:

Playing at The West End Block Party was definitely a highlight for us. West End became a music mecca for a day. Boundary Street was closed to traffic for the day, being cordoned off by the charming policemen who I swear I saw dancing at times. There were dancing samba girls, chinese dragons, market stalls, a huge turnout and 70 bands across a variety of stages. We shared the Twilight Stage with a bunch of amazing artists in the lineup, most notably Geppetto a really cool duo who were the headliners for that stage. Our set went really well, we felt the happy response from the crowd and had a fun time performing. It's cute when families get to share in the day so you have toddlers running up to the stage and smiling up at you while their parents get to relax and let their hair down and enjoy a day out away from the everyday stresses of life.

We were also very pleased to win the Indie Rock Final on Ourstage in February. We then went into the main Rock category to compete for the Grand Final which we also won. That was such a great feeling and that may have been one of our drunken nights, I can't quite remember ;)

My fav part of performing is interacting with the crowd, seeing their faces, watching their smiles, seeing the way they move. The funniest one for me was when we played at The Crown and a cyclist came running in with full cycling kit on, still in his helmet..and hit the dance floor. He yelled out how much he loved what we were doing and stuck around to dance some more. He made everyone smile that night, he was so full of energy and happiness. The best thing about it was he ran into his nephew who was also at the pub that night by chance. They had not seen each other for a few years. He told me later our music had brought them together. (That's where the tears came in, tears of joy. Ok it was me crying the tears of joy ha)

We are now working on our third album with Jeff Green doing the mixing/mastering for us. We feel like we are going to have a better fuller sound on our next album and are hoping to release it in a few weeks. Looking forward to year's end and whatever else may be in store for us. Better get the aspirin ready ;)

Hugs, Karen and Marty, Sugar Rock . :D

New music video

New music video for 'Ride On Through Australia', the song inspired by our little boy tinkering on his crocodile xylophone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjpyJWrToMg&feature