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Jamaica meets Nigeria

BassieDee reggae artist of St. Ann Jamaica and Ovis Tee hip-hop/R&B Artist from Nigeria recently recorded the song "We Need More Love" Both Artist have never met but the link was made through P.T.M. Unit's Tafri Gibbon who is working with Ovis Tee. The song will soon be released to the public. Look Out !!


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The Beauty Of Earth

The Beauty Of Earth by Dayal Cadien

The beauty of Earth is plain to see If you can, If you can Can you hear the natural music all around ? Do you feel the natural mystic all around ? ...............LISTEN ......................... The voices crying , The wind whispering , The birds singing A universal psalm. I feel, I feel the mystical vibrations Of Earth and its natural beauty A beauty that exists entirely in its uniqueness. A beauty without compare A combination of harmonies and melodies Dramatic and Artistic vibes and I say. Yes God is great. I feel, I feel I Listen, I hear I look I see beyond the great horizon The components and the mechanics and The meaning and the reasoning and the feeling And it's a mystical treat and I say, The beauty of earth is plain to see If you can, If you can If you can

My Thought

Live with a giving Heart Give with a willing Heart.

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