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Get on tour www.usa100hrmbbtour.com USA 100% Military Vets Rolling Hardrock Metal Biker Bands Tour starts July 1st 2016 many states & venues

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BERDOO New York Rider Magazine Interview 1


This is the May and June 2010 issue of New York Rider Magazine that went out to 8 million readers and the very in depth interview with JC Berdoo pro guitarist/songwritter/vocalist/producer for all bikers world wide.

La-La Land May 2010 By: Krit Campbell New York Rider Magazine People use Facebook for a lot of reasons, myself included. It is cool way we to catch up with old friends, and that is why I joined. For me, it is an easy way to post our goings on, and have people know what we are up to, when they feel like checking in with us… Lets face it, now-a-days you can keep up with friends overseas easier than you can with your next door neighbor via the internet. Who’d ever of thought? About a month ago I got a friend request from a person in Cali who I did not know. I had no idea by hitting “accept friend request” I was going to meet someone who would blow my mind!… Yep- you guessed it, this is how I met the famous Berdoo. This guy is a legend. I am so psyched that he and I met, and that I have the opportunity to do this piece on him-

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BERDOO New York Rider Magazine Interview 3

  Berdoo is the front man for the band “Berdoo” from San Bernardino California, which he formed in 1985. He is not only the lead singer and guitarist, but writes all the music and lyrics as well. Berdoo started playing guitar at age 8, around the time he met Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ian Anderson and Karen Carpenter when his father, a Worldwide Sales Rep for Rickenbacker Guitars, would entertain them at his home. At age 9 Berdoo had dinner with John Kay and Steppenwolf while in Chicago. It was these interactions with certified rock gods, and creative souls that helped to forge the creative musical path that Berdoo would follow throughout his life. People hear the name Berdoo, and know that have heard that name before, but can’t put their finger on from where- Well, he does not make this easy for you to figure out. This guy is multifaceted to say the least! Berdoo does not just play guitar in a band- he does it all.. He has self produced 4 recordings, he did the original score for the HBO series Spawn, he has written and preformed jingles for companies like Snapple, he has done countless commercial radio ads, as well as being the owner of Projectunes IEM Agency representing 66 Southern California Rock acts. Berdoo actually invented the Millennium II Whammy bar for Guitars and Bass- for both electric and acoustic use. Cool huh! I could go on and on with his accomplishments- which, by the way- left me feeling like a lazy shit after reading, but I will skip to this cool fact: Berdoo is the original creator of the Motley Cruefest, that was first showcased at The Whiskey in Hollywood!!! He actually sent out the original email that sparked the frenzy!!!! To be honest, before today, I didn’t even know that he started Cruefest- this guy gets cooler by the minute!!!

Berdoo, the band, has performed with bands such as Y&T, Quiet Riot, Bang Tango, Bullet Boys, Spreadeagle, Rhinobucket, LA Guns, Rebel Rebel, which you may not know, but here are a few you will recognize: Woodstock 99 (I was there, it was my birthday!!!), Sturgis 2003 with Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Jethro Tull, Tesla, Johnny VanZant, Kansas- told you you’d know them! His list of “gigs” is longer than I’d have room to list! He has performed everywhere! Berdoo also plays as many biker events in and around California as he can find time to do.

Berdoo has been everywhere and done everything. People often feel that way about me, and I’ve got to honestly tell you-I am in awe of this man. Besides being the musician, businessman, biker, 81 supporter (to the max), most importantly, he is a father. He has two daughters, and a grand daughter- and they are the lights of his life. Berdoo sings about many things, you name it; he has a song about it. One of his newest recordings, titled “81” is being fine tuned as you read this article. As with most people, Berdoo’s life has not been without tragedy. His song, titled “Gentle Reminder” is a tribute to his girls, which, I will let him explain in his own words:

Berdoo: The song Gentle Reminder… This song was written for all of the runaway kids in the world. I wrote this song after I found my two daughters, Tabitha and ZgiZgi who were left on the streets of LA when they were 11 and 12 years old, to fend for themselves. I found them 5 years later, and it was so sad what happened to them, and it still upsets me to this day. They are ok now; they are 18 and 20 and are doing the best they can. My ex-wife was killed in a very sad story, and so that is how this song came about. I am still single after 7 years, and live alone… somewhere…

BERDOO New York Rider Magazine Interview 4

Krit: Tell me about TopShelf…

Berdoo: The song Topshelf was written for all the USA Military Troops and I sent it to the troops in Kuwait for the Operation MySpace Concert that had Metal Sanaz, Disturbed, Carlos Mencia, Filter, Jessica Simpson, and many more major bands performing. I have footage of real war and UFO’s that I got from the USA Dept. of Defense, and all used with permission. I tried to get to Kuwait to do the show live but I only had a couple of bucks and couldn’t make it, so that is why I sent the video. The video can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/Berdoo

Krit: How old were you when you learned to ride?

Berdoo: I think I was 10 years old, we had about 30 people on our block that all rode motorcycles and we would go to the desert in Southern California and ride for 3 days and camp out and just go freaking crazy, the first bike my dad put me on was a Honda 55 with a back sprocket with 1000 teeth on it so it only would go a top speed of 25 mph, lol! I rode it all day for 10 hours up and down the main dirt rode till I had blisters the size of pancakes and went through 5 gallons of gas, it was so funny because I had Mickey Mouse Ears from Disney Land glued to the top of my helmet so I looked like Mighty Mouse on a red Honda 55 zooming up and down this dirt road with the look of Evel Knievel and the speed of a snail on candy bars... I finally got into motocross racing for many years and received over 100 different trophies and 250 intermediate and expert class, of coarse that was after many broken bones and a lot of bikes and a lot of Dads’ money... I got my first Hardtail Chopper at age 20 and it was bad to the bone, red and chrome and a total chick magnet. I would ride all over Southern California with my sisters o’le man and had a blast. Then, in 2002, I picked up a very cool 81 Shovelhead all black with silver ghost flames out of Las Vegas, now anybody that lives there knows how cool it is to ride the strip on a Harley. I have sold the bike since 2004 to pay for a headstone for my deceased wife...

Krit: How many years have you been a club member?

Berdoo: I am not a club member or patch holder even though I wish I was, that would be a major honor and a privilege beyond comprehension, I am a blood family brother in law to the late great Glenn M. Little, Berdoo Charter. I have performed at the clubhouse 3 times, also when Sonny Barger was there for Glenn’s 20 year Veterans HA Anniversary and he was given a new Harley and I say this with very much respect and honor for all HAMC and BHC brothers and sisters world wide.

BERDOO New York Rider Magazine Interview 5

Krit: In your own words, what is your connection with the show Son's of Anarchy?

Berdoo: I got involved with writing this 4th 14 song release in 2008 for the Sons of Anarchy when I first heard about the show coming on FX TV, so i put together all new material that would fit around the biker life style and any and all film scores that would follow it or for other shows that pertained to that kind of show weather it be for a series or a movie or even my live events that I’ve played at for many years, These songs came to me too fast and I had to scramble towrite all the lyric's down to keep up with my thoughts. The music came so naturally it was freaky, I could write 2 or 3 songs a day and then record them on the spot. I did all the guitar work which is my main instrument and then I’d do the drum and bass tracks after I had somewhat of an idea of how I wanted it to sound, I was looking for a different sound yet still heavy and hard as that is the signature sound I have had forever, then I would do the vocal tracks after the neighbors would leave to work in the morning so I wouldn’t scare the hell out of them- Hahaha! I starting submitting the songs to Tina Lou and Kurt Sutter as well as Katey Sagal, along with a very long heart felt true story about myself, and the connection I felt to the show with my life as a guitarist songwriter from the band Berdoo. I think at first they were kinda shocked that I had opened my life’s world and all my material to them which is an amazing true life story, Then the next thing I knew was I met Pete Alva the film maker and editor of many major biker events, shows and magazines world wide, well we starting talking a lot and he asked if I would be interested in being in his new movie, I sad hell yes it would be a great honor and when? where? and… what do you need me for? He has since filled me in about what he wants me to do in the flick and I am down for it 110%, (wow). Then, after I took it upon myself to spread the word about the movie and do ads for the season 2 of Sons of Anarchy literally posting it everywhere, and I mean everywhere, things just fell into place with my being a super friend to all of them. They even have to tell me to slow down a bit with my world wide, milky way, universe type promotions because I advertise like a madman. Last week I got an email from Pete and Katey was mentioning to him that if Pete ever lost any of her info all he would have to do is look at my info, because I probably had all her info and her phone number! Hahaha! They are the coolest people I have ever had the chance to do work with and season 3 is going to make history yet again... Hell Yea!

Krit: Do you come east to play?

Berdoo: Yes I love performing on the east coast because it freaking rocks, there are a bazillion bikers and musicians and bands on the east coast that love to party and bar-b-q and have fun for many days while being at events, The next major event I have is Sept 18th & 19th for the Indian Larry block party. This event is going to be off the hook and I say that because when I first spoke with Ms. Elisa from the Indian Larry camp I told her I would start promoting this event and that was almost a year ago, and she said, “Sure Berdoo, Go for it”. Well you know how I advertise, which is sending out emails and posting ads and bulletins to the whole planet and beyond. Yeah, I think I got the message out because she received an unbelievable amount of people asking about the event and was kind of shocked that I got so many people interested in going. It was going to be the 17th, 18th, 19th of Sept 2010 (that was my idea) LOL, but now it will be the 18th for sure and a second day for the 19th might be added in New York, I think it's because I posted that there is about 1 million bikes expected, with bands, bar-b-q, beer, babes, block party, more beer and babes... hey I got the word out right...LOL

BERDOO New York Rider Magazine Interview 6

Krit: I know you met our friends LJ James and Preacher Chuck, and have done their radio show. How did this come about?

Berdoo: LJ and Chuck are the coolest dudes and re a lot of fun live on radio and in person. LJ and I hooked up on myspace about a year and a half ago and he really dug the Berdoo songs and asked me to join him and Chuck on there Biker Lowdown Radio show live in NY, well hell you know me as i said sure that would be a blast, so I called in the following Wednesday night after I sent out only 50,000 emails to friends to check out the show and it was just great, they were so cool and positive with the call in I did and we talked and joked and had a great time, i truly believe that when something like that happens it is meant to be, we all were very responsive to one another and complimented each other as it should be, will it took off like a bullet and they were laughing as I was also live on air and the many, many listeners they have everywhere were having a great time and the calls came in and the ratings meter was pushing the red zone and then the beers I had kicked in and it was just a crazy live time. Then LJ asked me to come perform at there Skullfall fest 2009 and they played some of the new Berdoo material and I guess it caught the attention of their massive listeners, so then more songs were being played. They also had other guest speakers coming into the show, which was cool. They have a great group of people that come on and speak about every issue that involves bikers world wide, that is also how I met Elisa from the Indian Larry events and all the great brothers and sisters in New York from the Mortal Skulls, They sure know how to have a great kick ass party and I want to do that again really soon...

Krit: What makes you laugh?

Berdoo: Oh great question, The 3 stooges, Obama, Married with Children, the Flintstones, Felix the Cat, Broken Strings, Broken can opener, wanna be bikers riding with sandals, that fucker that took Jax son on SOA when he gets caught, some of my guitar playing when I have a few to many cold brews, these answers...!

Krit: Who do you look up to and why?

Berdoo: First is God, my two wonderful daughters Tabatha and Zgizgi, all HAMC and BHC, all pro musicians, Ozzy, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, Billy Gibbons, Joe Satriani, Dimebag Darrel, Randy Rhoads, Sonny Barger, all brothers and sisters world wide from the red and white, Everyone of these great people i have mentioned have made me open my mind and heart so i can see the true light within my own soul and press forward into the next adventure of life...

BERDOO New York Rider Magazine Interview 7

Krit: In your own words- Who is Berdoo??

Berdoo: Well, as you can see I have been around for a very long time.. I am a 123-year-old vampire, and a longhaired, tattooed guitar player! LOL! I think I maybe one of the most famous unsigned bands around, and although many record companies have approached me over the years, they all wanted too much money and control of what I do, so I have always told them to “f” off! I am not the kind of guy that will change who I am or what I do for the sake of a quick buck. Besides, I don’t think I would look good in plaid and polka dots on stage! LMFAO!! So, I have always just kept on doing what I do figuring one day it would come back around. I never did care about the money or the big house on the hill. Still don’t.

Krit: Where do you see the music industry heading in the next 5 years?

Berdoo: Well, it is not the same anymore now that the bigwig record labels have taken over. I do know that rock and hard rock music is on its way back in a big way. In my opinion, the days of rap and alternative and stupid music is done. They tried to ram it down our throats and it didn’t work- at least not with me! People are smarter than that stuff, and they are sick of it. I have been to all 48 states and damn near every major City and people want to hear rock music. They want to hear what they grew up listening to, songs that hold meaning to them during certain times of their life. There are millions of people who all have their favorite songs, and for whatever the reason, they have made a lasting impression in their lives.

Krit: How does that relate to your music and your concerts?

Berdoo: I personally think that the songs that I write, and play, can change someone’s life in a positive way, and that sometimes it scares me. Like the new “Biker’s Law” track, for instance. Each time that track is downloaded, 50% of the sales are going to the 81 Brothers Fund, which I have set up the help Brothers and Sisters and Families in need. I mentioned this on The Biker Lowdown Radio Show I did back in June 2009, and have gotten a good response to it. It is available on iTunes and Amazon and on my site as well. Besides, I play biker shows others are leery about playing, always have and always will.

Krit: Tell me more…

Berdoo: Well, I have always put my heart, feelings and soul into my music. It got to the point that I’d have someone listen to my music while alone and it would make them trip out, or even cry. I don’t use any foot pedals or whammy bars or anything extra- just my fingers, and my guitar. Once the sounds travel out of the speakers and into a persons mind and heart, it makes a full circle- that is the magical part about it for me. There are only three things on the planet that can heal anyone: they are Love, Time and Music- well maybe four things- Beer! We all have the need to feel something during a certain point, when the time is right and the music takes over and we can feel what we want, or need, to make it through. I am still here and will always be, it is what I do, and I can’t just quit. I’d never make it as an employee at Jack in The Box! I plan on playing as long as the fans and friends want me to! Thank you to the NY Rider Crew for allowing me to give you and your readers a chance to see and hear what Berdoo is all about. We kick major ass at every show so come check us out. We will be performing at Indian Larry’s Block Party on September 18th, which is up your way… and as always my motto is this: Tune In, Turn It Up and Stand Back- Hell Yeah!