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New Clip Uploaded

Just to let you know, a new clip has been uploaded on the myspace website for you guys to check out. The song is titled " The longing" and will be included in our upcoming album to be released sometime this year. Please give it a listen and stay in touch.

July 02th, 2009.



Hello everyone, it has been extremely busy times here between writing, recording, arranging, editing and everything else you can imagine. So after many weeks of tough decisions and solid rehearsals
 we are proud to finally announce the band's new line-up. 
As of today, Somnae is comprised of frontman Jesse Heidner (Inquinok) on vocals and guitars, Rob Steinway (Inquinok, Shaded Emnity, Fallen Angels) on bass, Brian Stephens (Semesus, Inquinok, Sol Negro) on drums, Ryan Nairn (Obelisk) as a session guitarist and yours truly (EJ Oropza) on guitars (Dolens Aegrus, Sea of Nectar, Spellforest). Welcome to the crew guys! We're also glad to inform you that we're currently recording drums for our promo/demo as well as going through the pre-production process for the material to be included on the full-length release.

Thank you for the support and please keep in touch for more killer updates concerning the progress of the album.

Somnae, June 12th, 2009.

Somnae band update 1

So the reverbnation site is finally up! and still under construction while we finished the actual "www.somnae.net" official site which will be announced sometime in the near future. For now, there's only a song for you guys to check out. "Forever More" is part of the demo we've been working on for quite a few months and material from back in 2005 and even before. It will be also included on the full-length album whenever it comes out. As we mentioned before, the final line-up will soon be revealed and we hope you enjoy it and spread the word. Thank you for your interest in the band and keep in touch for updates.