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A New Album!

Yes! It's that simple! There's a new album! Go get it at Bandcamp! Get it at Noisetrade! I don't care where, but I'd very much like you to get this free album! Woo! Steve

New Album, New Project, New Video Series

Hi all! Hope you're all having a wonderful day. If you haven't seen it already, I have a brand new album out called Theme Songs & Atom Bombs, and that's available in the usual places. For free! Also, I'd like to announce my new project, The Steve Combs Jazz Festival, and the new video series associated with that project, The 2014 Steve Combs Jazz Festival Jazz Festival, where I'll be covering classic jazz hits every Monday! If you have a suggestion for a jazz cover, let me know and I'll dedicate the video to you and send you something mildly special. So please download the album, and please watch the videos! Love, Steve.

40-Song Compilation Out Now!

You can get the compilation of remastered albums at stevecombsmusic.bandcamp.com right this very moment, for absolutely no money at all. This compilation has 8 additional tracks that were not on the remastered albums. So go get it! I love you all, and I want you to be happy. And guess what? THIS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. Your life will be perfect, as long as you download this thing. Do it! Love, Steve

All Four Albums Re-Released!

Yes, you can now get all four albums in their sparkling new forms. However, if you wait until you tomorrow, you can download the "box set"-style version, which includes 8 additional songs. You can get that at stevecombsmusic.bandcamp.com TOMORROW. So do that please! It's free! Bye Steve

First Album Remastered!

Today I uploaded the completely remixed first album! You can get it at http://noisetrade.com/stevecombsmusic/the-sun-is-rising-remastered and http://www.madeloud.com/artists/steve-combs/music/albums/sun-rising-remastered?page= totally free. It's much better, I promise!

Remastering Project

Hello all! I sent out an email regarding this last night, but I think I should explain in detail. I'm going to start remixing my entire discography. The plan is to re-release each album at http://www.madeloud.com/artists/steve-combs as I finish them, and then release them as one or two compilation albums on Bandcamp. I'm excited for it, and I hope you are too! Bye!

Hello things

So I've finally joined Reverbnation. It's the very last platform I can think of to make my music available to you people, for free and free to use. You'll notice that my entire discography is NOT on this site, because uploading 50 songs on this site would be hellish. I've uploaded about 2 songs per album on here, and there are handy links to get to the rest. I'd suggest using MadeLoud rather than Bandcamp to get my stuff, just because I get way more plays there and it makes me happy when I look at it. Anyway, I'm still in Norway, exploring and having an all around good time. I met a group called Hafrsfjord, and we'll be putting out an EP shortly. So look forward to that, or don't, it's up to you. That's pretty much it then...bye!