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Craziest Band Story

I've been a drummer for bands all my life and we came to my buddies church one time in high school to borrow the church's drum set. It turned out that the lower level was locked so my friend the lead guitarist was able to get into the balcony level. Only problem was the only way to get down to the drum set was to repel off of the balcony because all the doors were locked to get downstairs. After much debate, the band sends me down 40 feet with an extension cord as my rope-luckily they didn't drop me-it would have been horrible to land headlong on a church pew! Good times!

Album Produced by Dove Award Winning Producer!

My 2005 album "Show Me A Sign" was produced by Dove Award winning producer Brent Hendrich. He is a phenomenal producer who has worked with the likes of Nevertheless, Say You Will, and Candice Clark just to name a few. He is also an amazing engineer, mixer and guitar player and pretty single-handedly engineered, mixed, produced and mastered my record. I strongly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a well done project!

3 Song Film Licensing Deal with Warner Brothers!

I was again checking my e-mail one morning and to my surprise got an e-mail from Warner Brothers/Telepictures Music that they had selected one of my songs for use on Television/Film. They also said they wanted to hear some more songs. When I sent them my best 6, they ended up choosing two more! Hopefully they find a good fit for these three songs as they are definitely the strongest in my catalogue.

2nd Place Overall Winner of 2008 USA Song Contest!

I have a bad habit of scrolling through my e-mails really quickly in the morning and sometimes deleting really important ones. This was the case when I got a call at work from a lady with the USA Songwriting Competition. She said that she had sent several e-mails that I had just won 2nd place in the contest and that at the time she called I only had 2 more days to get my stuff in and still be eligible for the prizes. I never got out my music more quickly in all my life. I literally dropped everything I did and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off to mail in my stuff. So far I've got about $10,000 worth of gear including a new acoustic/electric guitar, $3500 worth of plug ins, 2 top of the line vocal and guitar mics, and lots of little other things.

Song chosen by Grey's Anatomy!

I was just finishing up some late appointments when I get this voicemail from a lady in California. She was from a company called Trailer Park Avenue which does a lot of film placement for TV shows like Nip and Tuck, Grey's Anatomy, and Spongebob Squarepants (don't ask me how that one got in the mix!) I had submitted material to them but it didn't fit the genre they were looking for. I pretty much forgot about the whole thing until I listened to my voicemail and she said that "Grey's Anatomy" was really interested in the song "Love Outside the Lines" on my myspace profile. Needless to say, I just about wrecked the car-number one because I never thought my stuff was at that level and number 2 because it is a Christian song. I guess you just never know what people are looking for! I should have an answer if they are going to use it here in the next few weeks.

4 Music Reviews in the Month of February!!

This has been an incredible month of progress for me. In addition to getting a lot of indie radio airplay across the nation (without a radio promotion company) I've had a lot of success with getting some good reviews. In the last month, I've been reviewed by Exmogul Music, LMNOP Music Reviews, and Christian Rockers online. I just found out that I also won a chance to be reviewed by Wildy Haskell's Wildy's World Music Reviews. I am very excited about these opportunities to get my music out there and have been pleased by the positive comments they've made about my music. Here are a few of the reviews and what they said: Artist: Nathan Brumley Title: Show Me A Sign Website: http://www.myspace.com/nathanbrumleymusic Style: Contemporary / Pop Label: Embassy Music Rating: 8.5 out of 10 By C.W. Ross Originally from Idaho Nathan Brumley is a prolific songwriter and performer. He’s already signed contracts with 2 labels, Incubator Records & Bethel Records along with a publishing/A&R deal with Embassy Music. He also won Embassy Music’s national songwriting contest in 2000. Show Me A Sign is Brumley’s 5th full-length album release. On it you’ll find a collection of 10 songs that are uncomplicated yet powerful music. For the most part the songs are lead by Brumley’s piano driven melodies. His music has been compared to artist like, the late great Keith Green, Michael W. Smith, Coldplay, Ben Folds Five, and I’ll add to that list Marc Cohn. Following high school Brumley spent several years as a contractor building recreational trails to high mountain lakes and fishing parks. It’s from that time that much of the song’s points are drawn. The need to not over complicate things like your faith and being willing to strip away all of the unnecessary trapping we add in that aren’t needed and just complicate things unnecessarily. Several of the tracks found on this album quickly become favorites of mine. They are, "Something Real," "Mind Over Mercy," "Love Outside the Lines," and the final three tracks, "Every Time I See the Rain," "How High," and "Things You’ve Never Done." Most of these songs have a contemporary pop feel except for the last one mentioned, "Things You’ve Never Done," which is a piano ballad praise song that wraps up the entire album very nicely. Brumley shows his compassionate side in life as a staff writer for the Songs of Love Organization ( http://www.songsoflove.org) - a company that creates custom songs for children with terminal illnesses. He also shows that he’s a good son by dedicating the album to his parents Nate & Debbie Brumley. Wrapping things up if you like your music with piano driven pop melodies, and well thought out lyrics, then Nathan Brumley’s Show Me A Sign is a good choice.

10 song film placement deal with Gotham Records!

In December I had an absolutely an all mailing assault on the publishing and record label industry. I must have mailed 2 packages a day to a publisher and a record label (thanks to my handy dandy 2009 Songwriters Market book!) and spent a lot of money! About 3 months later I got an e-mail from a company called Gotham records on a totally unsolicited mailing saying that they were interested in using my songs for film. I just signed a contract with them to use 10 of my songs in film/TV placement with the chance to get them another 5 in the next few months. Now whether they get them placed is another story, but it's good to see that companies are at least interested!

Canadian Radio Play with Banana Peel Radio!

I have been in Nashville 8 years now and have had many little milestones along the way-things that have given me little bits of encouragement to keep going at this dream of mine. However, here in the last few months, I have been so blessed to have had a lot of things come through (finally!) I recently found out that a major radio station in Canada picked up several songs of mine and are going to be playing them there. I am very excited about this opportunity and hope the Canadian audience likes my music!

Featured artist in DFI videos!

Dry Fly Innovations is a company out of Meridian, ID that ties exceptional dry flies for fisherman around the world. Their new product Black Gold could be the single best fly in the world for catching trout! They recently asked me if they could use my music for the background music for all of their videos. This is a huge honor and is a new avenue for me to use my songs. I hope their business really takes off and that fisherman realize what a great flys they have to offer!

Radio Play with Celtica and My Country Radio!

I just got word through Sonic Bids that a radio station called Celtica Radio was really interested in my material and wanted to start playing it. On the same day, My Country Radio responded back with interest in playing my material in Nashville. This is really exciting to finally see things coming together after 8 and a half years of living in Nashville. This is now my 10th radio station/film licensing/booking I've gotten from Sonic Bids. It's an incredible site that really keeps me connected to the industry, what's going on, and who's looking for what kind of songs. It's kind of my compass in this overwhelming music business!