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On the homepage of IStockPhoto.com

We recently got word that our song 'Kick It' that we wrote for both the World Cup Soccer and for the Olympic Soccer teams will be featured on the homepage of IStockPhoto where there are over 11 million hits per month. We are very excited about this opportunity and hope that we can generate some interest from the FIFA for our song as well as for the 2016 Summer Olympics. We wouldn't be upset if ESPN wanted to pick it up too-whoever will take it!!!


Show Placement with a song on Nickelodeon

Things always come at the strangest times and with songs that I never would have expected to get picked up. It's been a fairly long dry spell since I've gotten a big show placement and I was kind of down in the dumps yesterday with all the work I've put towards getting my material out with little return. I went to check my e-mail and the song I thought would have stood the least chance to get cut went to a pretty big new show called 'Hollywood Heights' on Nick At Nite. It isn't Grey's Anatomy but hey at this point I'll take it!! http://soundcloud.com/nbrumley2/ready-to-fal

Writing with pop country artist Sky Claire

Along with working on our dancepop side project it has been our privilege to work with artist Skye Claire on some new material for her next record. Skye is a phenomenal vocalist and a great writer as well. So far we've finished one track called 'Seriously'-an Adele-style country song with the attitude of Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood.

Interview with CCM Magazine

In early July I was blessed to get the opportunity to get an artist spotlight interview with Christian Music Magazine (CCM) http://www.ccmmagazine.com/article/artist-spotlight-nathan-brumley/ At the time of the interview I felt a bit scattered with how to describe myself seeming how I finished a 10 song vintage 70s rock project in late 2011, was currently collaborating on some hip hop/r&b with some producers from New York and am currently in a dancepop sidegroup called World Cup that specializes in high energy sports songs. What can I say-I'm a mess and I always will be! ha

The Perfect Summer Song

My friend Shay Watson and I decided that we needed to come up with a great summer song not only because there are not a ton of them out there, but because there are so many opportunities for cool songs that get you in the summer mood. We put our heads together and came up with something that was a cross between Katy Perry's 'Friday Night' and One Directions 'Beautiful'. It may be a little too much like both of them but hey-it definitely got us in the summer mood!


Writing with the amazing Holly Stewart!

Holly Stewart is an amazing young Nashville artist/writer who is an awesome lyricist, a great singer and a truly sweet person. We have been writing together for years and have done everything from R&B, country, hip hop, and pop in our 3 years together. Lately we've been writing for various dancepop projects with producers Mynority and The Ultras. So far we've got a hold with one of our tunes and hope to get several more over the next few months! http://soundcloud.com/nbrumley2/heart-of-darkness

Collaborating with Bill DiLuigi and Sherri Gough

I don't write a whole lot of country music these days simply because I do so much for film/tv and in pop/top 40 for artist pitches. However, after about a year of meeting up, myself, Bill DiLuigi and Sherri Gough finished a very moving track which I believe will have a lot of emotional impact if it gets picked up by a country artist. In fact it could be a very moving concept if it is taken into more churches. http://soundcloud.com/nbrumley2/cardboard-testimony

Collaborating with country artist Tarryn Wallin

I love writing all styles of music, but naturally living in Nashville, I've had to grow to love country even more because there are so many country artists, writers and producers in this area. My wife had a good friend before we got married and he ended up marrying a very talented writer/artist who has an amazing voice great songs. We collaborated on 2 songs a few years ago and have gotten around to getting them out here just recently. I really think every guy needs to play this song for his girlfriend or wife and he will definitely get on her good side! http://soundcloud.com/nbrumley2/that-says-it-all

Working with Italian producers for 2 songs

I really don't know how these things fall in my lap but I accidentally sent a response to a management company from Italy seeing if they needed any lyrics or melodies to any existing tracks and they pretty said that they just represented the artists without handling the songs. However they told me to send them some stuff I had been working on just in case they needed a lyricist.

It turned out that less than a week later they had a major company come across their desk for an opportunity to pitch and they let me write to 2 of their songs-very cool dance pop with a Latin feel. Like a fool I told them I could have them both done in 2 days and I made the deadline but man I need a vacation now!! http://soundcloud.com/nbrumley2/love-the-way-you-lie


I've always loved many genres of music. I'm very eclectic when it comes to songs and really like about anything. This has been a problem in the past when honing in on one type of music to write, but the variety kept it challenging and fun and often inspired new lyrical and melodic ideas.

I was going through some tracks the other day and heard this really amazing one that had a cool Latin feel that really stood out to me. Now I don't speak Spanish at all but this song really felt like it needed an English/Spanish lyric. I pulled in my friends Armando Vera and Holly Stewart, both fluent Spanish speakers, and we put together a very cool song that we hope to (one day) pitch to Enrique Iglesias or some other artist in the genre. It's a long shot but hey you got to dream big!!