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What's in a name?

I just found this online, it's interesting. http://www.wqed.org/ondemand/onq.php?cat=14&id=183 There's a video about how the street Boulevard of the Allies got it's name. Obviously it's a commemoration of the alliances between countries between WW1, but after the war it was also used as a parade gangway to celebrate the returning troops. It was originally meant to be 'glammed up' with statues and other more glorious things, but when the depression hit, the funds were not there to do these things. All that went up were the two pillars, which can be seen at the end of the BOTA on either side of the road. Hmmm. I'm thinking. We all feel strongly about Pittsburgh, our countries, our alliances and our survival. How can we hold something downtown, perhaps even on Boulevard of the Allies, that commemorates the events that took place, and maybe even somehow raise awareness, possibly some money for the city, and have one of the plaques put up that were supposed to be made before the money ran out. Imagine how different downtown Pittsburgh would be if the road Boulevard of the Allies was actually a nice street to drive down. I say the band hold an informative music event downtown, giving thanks to the city, and recognition for where the name came from.

First entry - the upcoming CD

Hey all, So here's my first entry. I'm sitting here with Django, my sleeping Boston Terrier / Pug puppy trying to work out ways I can promote the new album. It's hard to know what to do. We have a thousand copies coming, and I need to put as many possible in the hands of industry folk. But how? I'm happy to make phone calls, email people, but how do I get into the office of a big wig and play him a song? By getting out of Pittsburgh for a start. Maybe I'll hit up the West Coast this summer. I'll need to lose a few pounds first. It'd be so easy just to spend the rest of my life here, earning mediocre wage, living in a mediocre house driving a mediocre car. It certainly is a livable city, but why be content with that? The thing is, I really like Pittsburgh. I have good friends, and life is easy. But my goal is to play to larger crowds, and it seems difficult to truly make an impression here with the style of music we play. I'm not sure what that style of music is. You'll have to hear the album and help us work that out. There's some realy lght acoustic numbers, some rock, swing and of course, James the Cat. I'm pleased with the album - I think the songs are delivered with clarity and although it certainly sounds like a studio album, it is filled with life. I'm going to post another song on this site today. I'll be interested to hear feedback from anyone with thoughts. I'm also planning to start recording a more live album in the nearby future. Thanks for reading. Who knows, maybe I'll become a blogger? Doubt it.