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Angel Wings / Blog

Angel Wings Hat on SALE!!!

Hello & Happy Labor Day!

Wishing all of our fans and listeners on Reverbnation a very Happy Labor Day! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your day in the Sun!

Letting you all know that our Angel Wings hat is on SALE today for 25%OFF! Hurry up and Get yours today! Original design by our Band Team Member Tessie May! Check them out You All's!

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"Liberty Road" Lyrics

"Liberty Road"

oooo, Aweeee, oooo Aweeee

Leave the past behind Looking for a sign

Now it's your Dreams You must follow You're waiting on Liberty Road

Leave your doubts and Fears Wipe away those Tears

Now it's your Dreams You must follow You're waiting on Liberty Road

oooo, Aweeee, oooo Aweeee

Now it's your Dreams You Must Follow So get on the path to Liberty Road

Your on a crossroads It's a simple fact Be Brave open your Heart And never look Back

Say goodbye whos Told you no And anyone thats hurt your Soul

Now it's your Dreams you must Follow You're running down Liberty Road There no telling where You may go You're running down Liberty Road

Leave the past behind One Step at a Time.....

Written by: Laura Ryan Guitar melodies written by: Shell Lee Davis and Tessie May

Copyright 2015-2016 Angel Wings. All rights reserved.

New Offical Music Video "Liberty Road"

Hello and Greetings Y'alls:

We want to share our new music video we just completed from our latest song we released "Liberty Road". The song was written by Laura Ryan. The song will be the title to the EP that we hope to start recording very soon! The Guitar Melodies were written by Shell Lee Davis and Tessie May. " We were sitting in my sister's bedroom and we were jamming on the guitar and came up with the melody. The song is a collective collaboration between all band members. We wanted to do the music video to this song. So, Tessie May had the idea of drawing a scene from a photograph of the old Liberty Road back in the 1950s at a local diner. It set the tone for the video in Sepia. We wanted to go back in time when things were more simple. The message to the video is draw your own path and walk it....follow the path to your destiny...the way resides deep within the soul...you just need to unlock it and place your feet on THE PATH. I hope you all enjoyed the video! Let us know your thoughts about the media we upload! We produce everything ourselves...so we would love to hear what you all think! A lot of things planned this Fall...Performances were pushed back...but we are going to start performing again! So stay tuned for local Franklin, TN performances and dates, The process of the EP via Pledge Music and Light In The Dark Radio going LIVE on blog talk Radio!

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Many Blessings & Have a Great Week!

_Angel Wings

New Demo "Liberty Road"

July 7, 2016

Angel Wing Diaries,

Dear Diary,

We recently released our song Liberty Road. This song is very close to our hearts. Everyone has things from their past that hold them back from their future. This song is about letting go of past mistakes and past hurts and setting yourself free to follow the true path God has laid out for you. Life is a journey and is about what you learn as you go and the people who have helped you along the way…If you are waiting for your dreams to come true, and then you are waiting with us. You are waiting on Liberty Road. Let us all take this journey together…


Angel Wings

Video Diary Live Performance Another Door & Update

Hello Listeners and Fans:

We recently posted our New Video Diary & Live Performance of "Another Door "! We all invite you to check it out! We really wanted to put a super positive message out with this song! This song started out as a jam one day during rehearsal! Tessie May started playing the chords and rift and we started writing lyrics to it! This song basically wrote itself. This video diary also goes out to all those musicians and artists out there that are working hard in their day jobs and they still keep their music dream alive by performing, putting creative content out there for the world. We hear you and this one is for you all!

If you haven't yet; please subscribe to our Reverbnation mailing list and all the links listed below! We are still working on our Pledge Music Campaign for our very first EP...its taking longer than we expected but it will be worth the wait. A lot of plans this Summer and the Fall! You will be seeing us around town performing on a regular basis! Thank you to all the fans for your positive comments and encouragement.

Blessings Y'all, _Angel Wings

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Peace~LOVE & Happiness

"Another Door" Angel Wings Diary by Laura Ryan

May 13, 2016

Angel Diaries,

Dear Diary,

Angel Wings recently released our new song, “Another Door”. This song has many meanings. The song talks a lot about letting go of the past, whether it is a relationship, a certain situation, or perhaps pain that continues to haunt you. When God closes a door to the past, it is because he is opening a new door to the future. Sometimes we really don’t want to close a door, but circumstances beyond our control close it for us. While we may not understand at first why this happened…we will in time and someday realize that another door was leading us to our true destiny. Yet, we have a choice, we can choose to unlock the new door or we can stay trapped behind a closed door. It takes courage to unlock another door, to choose another path. We first must find the key; the key is hidden deep inside us in our hearts and souls. We must search deep within ourselves to find the hidden key God has placed in our souls before we were even born…it is the key to our dreams, our mission, and the destiny to our lives. An open door is also like an open heart. When one has been deeply hurt in the past, it is easy to lock the door to our hearts, to never invite anyone in to the deepest part of ourselves. You have to make the choice to turn the key and open your heart, so that love may find its way back into your life…Once again, God has already given you the key to the doorway of your heart, it is your choice to open it and allow all the blessings God is waiting to bring into your life. We hope you enjoy our song “Another Door” …it is time to turn the key.


Laura Ryan And Angel Wings

New Demo "Another Door"

Hello Fans & Listeners:

We have been working on a new song these past few months. We once again recorded this song in the middle of our living room. We really look forward to working in a studio in the near future with this song. We really wanted to put out a positive song about new beginnings since this was one of the toughest year for our band and for our family. Thank you all for checking it out! Live performance, video diary and photo shoot on the way so stay tuned! Let us know what you think of our new Song "Another Door" by leaving a comment or contributing to our Q & A portion of our Reverbnation page.

"Another Door" by Angel Wings

Lead Vocals and lyrics written by: Shell Lee Davis Lead Acoustic Guitar An Melodie Written by: Tessie May Back up Vocals 1: Laura Ryan Back up Vocals 2: Tessie May

Copyright 2016 Angel Wings. All rights reserved.

Blessings, _Angel Wings

P.S. We Love you & would love to hear from you...

Update from Angel Wings....

Hello Fans and Listeners:

This past weekend was awesome. We got to have a blast at the Main Street Festival in Downtown Franklin. Got to see some amazing bands including some of our favorites such as Daphne and the Mystery Machines, The Darlins, The Cerny Brothers and Carmen Brady. Check out our Instagram where we documented live footage of each band our festival experience! If you haven't added Angel Wings Instagram; please do! We post a lot of great photos all of the downtown Franklin area capturing our favorite hangouts, throwbacks, recording footage, photo shoots & much more. (Did we mention we are foodies?)

Angel Wings Instagram: http://instagram.com/angelwingslove17

Recorded a new Demo today with the band Angel Wings in our living room today! Super excited to share it with you all. This upcoming song is about starting over....a real positive song for the Summer months. We are also finalizing our Pledge music campaign which we will promote during our Singer Songwriter performances over this Summer. So a lot is going on you all! Stay tuned and thank you again for your continuing support!

Blessings, _Angel Wings

Working on a New Song!

Hey Fans and Listeners:

A quick update today! We are working on a new song! Its really upbeat and it about restarting your life. We will probably do a demo recording of it and then we plan to do an acoustic video diary performance and we also plan to do an Angel Wings confessions as well! So a lot under way! Plus, We are still working on our Pledge music profile where we will be raising funds for our very first EP as Angel Wings the band. We want to correlate our campaign with our Singer/Songwriter performances around town. So, more details and the launch will be coming soon! Stay tuned Y'All!!!

Blessings always, _Angel Wings

We are getting ready to lift our wings and flying soon

Angel Diaries

March 21, 2016

Dear Diary,

We have all been in situations where we wanted love so badly in the moment, we make poor decisions. The high of those initial feelings can be intoxicating even if not real or tangible. Sometimes we know that the person might not choose us in the end but in that moment we rather feel something than nothing at all. We rather feel pain then wait for the person we are truly meant to be with. The song “I Should Have Known” is about those ideas and feelings. I should have known better than to go there and maybe I knew it would end before it truly began. Why do I do this? Those are the questions we need to ask ourselves. The song was written a little over a year ago and I have finally healed enough to put it out there. I hope you enjoy the song for we all have been there. Looking forward to releasing a new song for the Easter celebration and a new beginning for us all! We are getting ready to lift our wings and flying soon-

Shell Lee Davis from Angel Wings