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Free Video Download this week only!

Hey Darklings! Check it out! Anyone who has or will order ‘The Dark Party’ album before Dec. 1 from our UK based label-Trash Pit, will receive a link to see and download the video for the song ‘Reptile House’ before it is posted on our YouTube page. To order the EU/UK version of The Dark Party go to: http://www.000trashpit.bigcartel.com/ And, in case you haven’t checked out our YouTube page it’s” http://www.youtube.com/user/AceySladeMusic There is a ton of cool Dark Party visuals there. From our video tour journals with Combichirst, videos of the recording of The Dark Party, our Halloween montage for the song She Sells Sanctuary, and our recent mock-TV commercial. Go to the favorites section to see each members favorite videos and YouTube hits! And last but not least, The Dark Party turns 1 year old this December! To celebrate, we are playing at Don Hills in NYC this Saturday Dec. 5th at 8:30 sharp! It’s a 18+ show 21 to drink we are playing with 2 other bands we love! Her Virgins and Cruel Black Dove.